Every Day

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We have all had what seems to be a bad day. One of those days that seem to last forever. One of those days that seem to never end.

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Actually our days are never filled with bad things or good things. Our days are simply made up of ‘things’. How we perceive these ‘things’ will determine if they are bad or good.

"Every Day" by Debi Payne Designs

“Every Day” by Debi Payne Designs

Even if our day is filled with things that we perceive as bad, there is always something good in that day. We just have to allow ourselves to see the good.

Next time you are having what you perceive to be a “bad” day, take a minute to find something good. I promise, it is there, you just have to take the time to see. When you do, celebrate the good and the bad want see so bad!


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Define Your History

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One of the things that I think about a lot is, “what am I leaving behind?” By this I mean, when I am dead and gone what have I done in my life time will remain in this world once I am gone.

Once I was asked what I wanted to do with my life. My answer was, “I want to create something that when I die little pieces of me will be left all over the world.” That is exactly what I am doing with my art!

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When I am gone from this Earth, people will still have my art. They will still have my stories. Every day I am writing my own history.

"Define Your History" by Debi Payne Designs

“Define Your History” by Debi Payne Designs

We all have a history. We all have the same opportunity to write our own history. Either we can write our history while we are alive or we can let other people write our history after we are gone.

Personally, I prefer to tell my own story rather giving somebody else the opportunity to tell their version of my story.

What are you doing to define or tell your history?

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Drama All Around

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I must admit, I don’t like drama! What strikes me funny is how many people say that they don’t like drama, but they are the ones in the middle of it and stirring it up.

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I have gone to a movie, paid for a ticket, went in, sat down and started watching the movie. I didn’t like the movie, so I got up and walked out. I am the same way when it comes to drama.

"Drama All Around" by Debi Payne Designs

“Drama All Around” by Debi Payne Designs

When drama is all around me… I leave! You can leave too!!! You really do not have to participate in the drama around you. Next time drama is all around you, walk away!


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Biggest Obstacles

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We all go through times when life presents us with a new opportunity or challenge and our minds immediately start playing out all of the “what if” scenarios. ‘What is the bad thing happens?’ Or ‘What if that problem occurs?’

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We have all done this. The trick is to be able to stop your mind for all the negative thoughts and turn them to positive thoughts. If you start turn those negative “what if’s” to positive “what if’s” you might find the possibilities of success are far greater than the possibilities of failure.

"Biggest Obstacles" by Debi Payne Designs

“Biggest Obstacles” by Debi Payne Designs

Don’t let you own mind be an obstacle and create a barriers for your getting all the things in life that you want.


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Don’t Tell Me

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Have you ever told somebody that you wanted to do something only to have them give you the long list of all these reasons you shouldn’t? They can tell you every worst case scenario as if it is based on fact and there is no other option.

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I call these people “dream stealers”. Dream stealers like to tell other people how to live their lives based on how they perceive life and the world.

"Don't Tell Me" by Debi Payne Designs

“Don’t Tell Me” by Debi Payne Designs

Just because those people can’t perceive anything beyond their believe system doesn’t mean that you have to too.

Don’t tell me that the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon!


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Be Someone

"Be Someone" Detail Close Up #1

Have you ever been in a crowd of people, these are all people that you really enjoy being with. Everybody is having a really good time and glad they are there.

"Be Someone" Detail Close Up #2

But then there is that one person. That one person that is either loud and obnoxious. Or maybe they are that person that knows everything about everything and they want to make sure you know it. Or maybe they are that person that only sees the negative in everything and they are going to make sure that everybody else joins them in their doom and gloom.

"Be Someone" by Debi Payne Designs

“Be Someone” by Debi Payne Designs

We are great at recognizing these people. Yet, we have trouble seeing when we are that person ourselves.

Be more aware of who you are. Be someone that you would want to be around. If you want to be around happy, positive people, be that person first and others like you will be drawn to you.

Right now, if you find yourself around loud, obnoxious, negative thinking, know-it-all people, perhaps that is because that is what you are, thus that is the type of people you are drawing to you.

Be the type of person you want to be around and you will be.

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Collect Moments

Collect Moments Close Up #1

We all have things that we want. We make list of things that we want. We make vision boards of what we want. We make goals for things that we want.

Collect Moments Close Up #2

We spend an enormous amount of time thinking about all the things that we. We make plans on how we are going to get the things that we want.

"Collect Moments" by Debi Payne Designs

“Collect Moments” by Debi Payne Designs

Why not spend a little less time wanting, striving and working for all the things that you want and start appreciating all those precious moments that money can’t buy.

Enjoy being with the ones you love. Treasure the time that you get spend doing what you enjoy. These are the moments you should be collecting instead of things.

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Bazillion Chances

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How many times have you said, “if I just had a chance….”? Chances are, you have said it many times. We all have!

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Let’s say you decide you would like to have a cupcake. So you go to a bakery. You first look at all the beautiful cupcakes on display. The clerk ask you if they can help you. You tell the clerk that you would like to have a strawberry cupcake. The clerk tells you that they are out of strawberry cupcakes. Now, do you choose a different flavor or do you just leave without any cupcake?

"Bazillion Chances" by Debi Payne Designs

“Bazillion Chances” by Debi Payne Designs

Life is kind of like a bakery. Just because the life doesn’t offer you strawberry, it still have lots of other choices. All you have to do is pick a different flavor. Chances or it will be just as good. Sometimes you just might find that it is even better! The important thing is to choose! Which is also sometimes the most difficult thing to do.


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Color Your Year

"Color Your Year" Coloring Book and Calendar by Debi Payne Designs

“Color Your Year” Coloring Book and Calendar by Debi Payne Designs

I am so loving this new coloring book/calendar!!!! I am very excited about this latest product produced by Debi Payne Designs!!! It is a coloring book AND monthly calendar.

This is a monthly calendar where you can color each monthly page. After you have colored each page, you can hang it on the wall and each month you can enjoy the page that you have colored.

The book is wire spiral bound and printed on heavy weight glossy paper. (More about that in a minute.) The calendar is available in three different sizes: Small – 7″ x 11″ (with the coloring design 7″ x 5-1/2″) Standard – 11″ x 17″ (with the coloring design 11″ x 8-1/2″) and Huge – 14-1/4″ x 22″ (with the coloring design 14-1/2″ x 11″).

All Pages #2 - Blog

Each month has its own design for you to color. The designs include doodle flowers, whimsical shapes and repeating patterns.


The paper is a heavy weight cardstock with a glossy finish. This paper is great! You can use markers and gel pens without any bleed through. Even using Sharpie pens, I did not have any bleed through.

The glossy finish give the markers a bright shiny finish! I am really loving that!

A word of caution: If you use gel pens you will need to allow for really long drying times! If you use gel pens, you have to allow for that long drying time because if you don’t the ink will easily smear, (ask me how I know) and if you touch it you get ink all over your hand and or fingers, (ask me how I know).

The medium that didn’t really work was coloring pencils. With the slick glossy surface, color pencils don’t have anything to grip and they don’t really work.

Close Up #1

The Sharpies had a smooth glide when coloring, but with some of the colors, when you stop and lift your pen it “puddles” leaving a darker dot. This can be easily avoided by keeping your pen moving and stopping the pen in a corner where the dot will not be noticed. However, the “puddling” doesn’t happen with all colors. (I don’t know why!)

This is a great calendar that you can enjoy all year! You will want to order you calendar as soon as possible so you can have your calendar finished by the end of year and ready to enjoy all next year!

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Anything Is Possible

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Merriam-Webster defines the work Possibility as:   a chance that something might exist, happen, or be true.  The state or fact of being possible.  Something that might be done or might happen.  Abilities or qualities that could make someone or something better in the future.

Detail Closeup #2

We have all had many possibilities or chances in our lives. This could be things that we want to do or things that we want to be. Yet, how many times did we let that possibility or chance just slip away from us only to have it never return again. How many times have we regretted missing an possibility or opportunity? Why did we miss that possibility?

"Anything is Possible" by Debi Payne Designs.

“Anything is Possible” by Debi Payne Designs.

Chances are the reason we let a possibility slip by us was simply because we were just too scared to reach out and grab it. Sometimes possibilities only come by once in our lives. When they do they may look a little scary, but that’s only an appearance. Next time a possibility comes along, and it looks a little scary, look your fear straight in the face and let it know that it isn’t going to keep you from this possibility this time. This time, reach out and grab the possibility! Don’t let fear keep you from all the good things that are meant for you!


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