Artist, Dreamer, Eternal Optimist

Most people who have a job or business have a business card. That card usually has such information as the company name and contact information. It also has the person’s name and their position or title. To me the most interesting part of a business card is the position or title. Some of these positions and titles are typical like, President, Account Manager, Administrative Assistant, etc.

Several years ago I started seeing “Mommy Cards”. These were very interesting and creative, (not to mention handy). The title on most of these cards were along the lines of “Heather and Johnny’s Mom”.

In the be beginning of starting my business, my title on my card was just simply “Artist”. About three years ago, I changed my card and this is what my business card has been since then:

Debi Payne Business Card

The title under my name now is “Artist, Dreamer, Eternal Optimist”. This title line is very important to me, because in a nutshell, this says who I really am.

As things are changing in my art and in my business you are going to start see more of the “Eternal Optimist” part of my title. Some days my eternal optimism is through the roof and on other days it is on pretty shaky ground. But regardless if it is high or low, it is still always there!

So many people let their business card define who they are. Unfortunately, that definition has usually come from somebody else. I would love to see everybody carry and hand out a personal business card where they are the one that has defined themselves.

If you had a personal business card, what would it say? What title would you give yourself on your card?

If you would like to make you own card, here are several templates you can use. Just click on the card and it will take you to the template where you can create your own card.

Enjoy & have fun!

Cubism Heart Biz Card

Fancy Florest Biz CardHeart & Swirl Biz CardBirdie Village Biz Card

PS: This week I am going to be designing new biz cards for personal use. If you would like to see the new designs as soon as I am finished, be sure sign up for my newsletter so that you can see the new designs as soon as they come out… FYI… they are going to be so cute!!!




Saying Goodbye

Something that some people may not know about me is that I am married to a wonder man, (Tim) that just happens to work in construction. He is a superintendent and he builds apartments. That is a good thing and it is also a bad thing. The good part about that is (1) it allows me to work on my art full-time, and (2) that we have the opportunity to go to new places and see new things all the time. That is the part about his job that we love so much!

The bad part is that we are having to move all the time. Since May of 2011 (within almost five years) we have now moved 19 times. That means that 19 times in the past five years I have had to pack boxes, move them, and then unpack boxes. Needless to say, I am a master packer! With that much practice, anybody can be a master packer!

Move #19 took place this week and it has been a bitter sweet move. It is good in that Tim is starting a new project in a new town which will give us new things and places to explore. Yet on the other hand it is a sad move because I am giving up my fabulous view that I so loved.

Boat View

This was the view I got to enjoy every day from the patio of our third floor apartment. This is also the view that I had from the window of my studio. I could sit and work on my art and look up to see this out my window.

Every day I loved watching the boats come and go. I also loved watching the ducks and the sea gulls. My favorite thing to watch was the pelicans. I never realized how big and graceful pelicans really are. I loved the pelicans.

I will greatly miss this view. However, I will not miss having to carry groceries up two flights of stairs each week!

But now we are on to a new adventure. Again, we are in another apartment but the view this time is just more apartments. At least I want have so many distractions and I will be able to get a lot more work done.

Each move we make gets us a step closer to our “Forever House” on our “Forever Land”.

This is one of the changes I talked about in my previous post. Now that the change of our residence has changed, it is now time to change my art. All the boxes are unpacked and now I am working on getting my studio put together. We should be here for about a year (which is a really long time for us), so I am going to take this opportunity to bring in more things for my studio.

Also, since I am going to be starting with a new medium, I am going to get to go shopping for new supplies. I am super excited about that and I can’t wait to see where my art goes!!!






"Be Open To Whatever" by Debi Payne of Debi Payne Designs

“Be Open To Whatever” by Debi Payne of Debi Payne Designs

Change doesn’t always come with options. When a loved one dies, you usually don’t have an option. When you get older and your body goes through different changes, you don’t always have an option with that one either. However, I am talking about changing my art and with that I am finding an abundance of options.

As for the types of art I can make, I am finding the number of options to be mind-boggling. Over the past couple of days I have been looking at different types of art trying to decide what I want to do. There is so much beautiful art to look at and for me, I have been like a kid in a candy store with the instruction, “pick out anything that you want, and no, you can’t have it all.”

I am still in the process of deciding what I want. There are many things about my art that I do like. I think I am just a little board doing the same thing over and over again. I feel like it is time to try something new. However, in that process there are some things that I don’t want to change, and to me these are my “non-negotiables”. I love the colorfulness of my art, and I really don’t want to change that. So I am trying to pick a medium where I can still get the bold bright colors that I love.

Another thing that I want to keep are all the things that I use to “define” my style. That would be my whimsical doodle drawings with my sketchy lines. Although I use quite a bit of hand lettering in my previous art, that is something that I would like do more and have be more pronounced. The messages in my art are the most important thing to me and so I have to find a way to make that work.

And of course I can’t do without little random black and white checkerboard. I just don’t know how I could live without that.

One of the mediums that I came really close to choosing was Alcohol Inks. I love the boldness and saturation of color in the inks, yet, I was concerned if I would be able to have the control and versatility that I want to have when incorporating my “non-negotiables”.

I have also been looking at mixed media collage. I don’t know if this will work or not. Trying to incorporate my “non-negotiables” may be pretty interesting. I don’t know if it will work or not, but I do know that I am being really drawn to it, so I think I am going to give it a try.

Although working with different mediums and developing “style” are the really fun things that I get to do, I also have to keep remembering that this is a business too.

"Attitude Is The Difference" by Debi Payne of Debi Payne Designs

“Attitude Is The Difference” by Debi Payne of Debi Payne Designs

A really big part of this business (and probably one of the most important parts) is the marketing end. Unfortunately, that is my least favorite part. Perhaps that is where I need to make the biggest change. And the biggest change that I need to make there is probably simply in just my attitude.

Before I can get started on the experimentation and making changes to my art and my business, I have to first complete a move. We are moving in two days and I first have to finish packing. Once we have moved then I can get started on my new art in a new studio.

Moving Boxes #1 3-20-2016

There are just so many changes going on for me right now! Granted these changes are a little scary and filled with tons of uncertainty, I am really looking forward to them and seeing how things look on the other side of the change.





FB Change

Change is a funny little thing! Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is not so good. There are subtle changes that come along with nature such as the changes our bodies go through. It seems like with every 10 years of age there comes some sort of physical change that my body has gone through, which usually hasn’t been something to brag about.

On the other hand, when I stopped working for somebody else and decided to make art full-time, that was a sudden change, and it was a fabulous change.

Changes come in all sizes. There a little bitty changes that are so subtle you hardly notice them. Then there are those gigantic changes that totally rock your world.

A lot of times you don’t see change coming until it is completely finished and you find yourself on the other side, wondering when and how the heck that changed happened. Then there are those times when you can actually see the change coming. You know it is coming and you either brace yourself to ride through the change or you start preparing to fight the impending battle that is about to pursue.

All this week I have been hearing this pesky little word ringing through my head. That word is “change”. At first I thought I kept hearing that little inner voice of mine telling me the word “change” because Tim and I are getting ready to move. I know we are getting ready to change not only the residence where we live, but the town we live in. To me that is change. It is a change that I am all too familiar with since we move at least once a year (if not more). So I thought that was the change that was coming and just dismissed the word.

However, the more I tried to dismiss the word, THINKING that I knew what it meant, the word only got stronger and louder. I found myself writing the word on a piece of paper trying to figure out what it was trying to tell me. Then I found myself drawing the word. This word was driving me crazy and I just could not figure it out.

Then I finally figured it out. This little voice was telling me to change my art. Change my art? Are you kidding me? What in the world am I supposed to change my art too? I had a million questions and once again, all I could hear is “change”.

So, here I am. I know that my art is getting ready to change, yet I don’t have a clue about “how” it is going to change or “what” it is going to change into, I just know it is going to change. On one hand it is scary… very scary. Yet on the other hand I am really very excited. I don’t know if exhilarated fear is an actual term or not, but that is probably the best way that I can describe this feeling.

I know that for a while I am going to get to be like a mad scientist, or in my case I will be a mad artist. I am going to get to play, explore and experiment with new mediums and methods. I don’t know exactly what those are going to be right now, but I am really excited to find out.

I don’t know if these changes are going to be really big, making my art totally different from what it is now, or if the changes are going to be so subtle that nobody notices but me. I guess we will find out. However, I do know that there will be some things about my art that will not change. Those things are why I make art. (I will be sharing those non-negotiable changes in future post.)

But for now, I am embracing this change with the total excitement and the same anticipation as that of a small child on Christmas morning, anxious to see what I am going to find when I unwrap that beautiful package.

Over the coming days, weeks and maybe even months as I go through this process I will be updating this blog on a frequent basis. I will be doing this mainly as a process of journaling for myself. However, I welcome you to join me on this journey.

I would love to hear your comments (either in the form of encouragement or advice), but due to an enormous number of spammers I have had to turn off the comments here. However, please feel free to comment over on my Facebook page.

I am excited to share this adventure with you and lets enjoy a great ride!




Doodle Time Coloring Book

It has been several months since I have published a new coloring book and everybody has been asking me when I am going to have a new one… Well here it is!

"Doodle Time" Grown Up Coloring Book by Debi Payne

“Doodle Time” Grown Up Coloring Book by Debi Payne

Doodle Time is a collection of some of the doodle drawings with sayings that I have created over the past couple of years.


Doodle Time Close Up #1

Now it is your turn to color these fun drawings and sayings in the colors that you want.

 Close Up #2


Also, when you are in a calm, meditative state while you are coloring, you mind will also absorb the motivational, positive saying that you can also color.

3 Samples

Some designs are more intricate than others to fit whatever mood you are in at the moment.


"Doodle Time" Grown Up Coloring Book by Debi Payne

“Doodle Time” Grown Up Coloring Book by Debi Payne


Doodle Time is available on Amazon, to see it, click here.




Don’t Give Up!

Every project that I create is special to me, however from time to time I create a project that is really extra special to me. This is one of those very extra special projects that I am really excited about and proud of.

I have created many watercolor paintings with sayings that I have posted on Facebook and Instagram. For this project I wanted to take 50 of these paintings and put them into a book. I also wanted to tell a story about my life and my art career that pertained to the saying in the painting.

Cover & Open Book

Each painting is a full page image. On the opposing page is the story that I have written. Many of the stories are about experiences that I have gone through in starting my art career. Other stories are simple lessons that I have learned in my life.

My greatest hope is that through this book I could give other artist just starting their career hope and courage to push forward and make it happen.

Don't Give Up Book Cover

In the beginning, I wasn’t really sure about writing this book. However, as I got into writing the stories I found myself enjoying it so much as I relived the individual moments of my life.

I hope that those that read the book enjoy the stories. My greatest hope is that at least one person finds a tiny spark of inspiration or motivation to keep them moving toward their own individual dream.

The book is available on Amazon. To see the book, click here.





Accomplishment Journal

I am all about getting things done and having accomplishments. Every night after I go to bed and before I go to sleep, in my mind I list five things that I am grateful for. Then I list five things that I accomplished that day. And then I think about my goal. Since I started this practice I have noticed how much more I accomplish every day.

Granted, most of my accomplishments are small, but it seems as though the bigger accomplishments are getting bigger and they are happening much more frequently. To me this just proves the point the more you focus and think about something, the more you will have it in your life.

This was the premise behind creating my new “Accomplishment Journal”. I wanted to find a way to help other people have more accomplishments in their lives.

"Accomplishment Journal" by Debi Payne

“Accomplishment Journal” by Debi Payne

The “Accomplishment Journal” consist of 12 monthly 2-page spreads with a small box for each day of the month for your to write your daily accomplishment. Each monthly 2-page spread also feature a whimsical design with a motivational phrase in beautiful full color.


In addition to the 12-monthly, 2-page spreads there are four 2-page sections in the back of the book for you to write your wishes, hopes & dreams, special celebrations, things you are grateful for, and any special thoughts or ideas you have during the year.

Here is a video that shows each of the pages.

When I first designed the book I was afraid that the boxes might be too small, however, since my intent was to write just a brief statement about one thing that you had accomplished that day they turned out to be the perfect size. It wasn’t designed to write a list of everything you did that day along with all your thoughts and feelings. It was meant to be just a brief statement.

I wanted to make a sample month to show how it could be completed. I thought it would be fun to put in what other people had accomplished. So, I went onto Facebook and I asked everybody to tell me what they had accomplished the day before. Then I wrote their answers in the boxes.


As you can see, the boxes were large enough. Granted I probably write smaller than others, which showed me that you can write larger and have plenty of room. Or you do like I did and take advantage of the empty space to draw a little doodle.

Here are some close-up photos of the daily boxes with text and a little doodle.







Regardless of whether or not you write large or you write small and add doodles, the point is to write down at least one accomplishment every day.

I have kept journals like this for the past 2 years and it is some much fun to go back and look at them from time to time. I know with regular journals, I will write in them and then never look at them again. But these journals are different for me! I find myself frequently going back to my books to see when I did this or that. Then on top of that, it is a pretty book and that makes it even more fun to keep up with it!

Start your journal on January 1st and write in it all though the year. Then at the end of the year you will see the treasure of accomplishments you have had throughout the year.

To purchase an “Accomplishment Journal” for yourself, click here.

Here’s to your accomplishments!!!




Journal Time

For those who like to write their worries away, I have created two new journal books called “Journal Time – Volume One”.

The first version of Journal Time is a full color version.

Journal Time - Volume One - Full Color by Debi Payne Designs

Journal Time – Volume One – Full Color by Debi Payne Designs

The full color version of “Journal Time – Volume One” consist of an image and lines on each page. They are printed on both front and back of each page to give as much writing space as possible.


2-pg Spread - Color

The second version of the book was created for all those that like to color. That version is called “Journal Time – Volume One – Journal & Coloring Book”.

"Journal Time - Volume One - Journal & Coloring Book" by Debi Payne Designs

“Journal Time – Volume One – Journal & Coloring Book” by Debi Payne Designs

This version is printed in black and white so you can color in the design to clear your mind and then start writing your thoughts.

Again the pages are printed on both sides of the page. (I suggest you use color pencils or crayons to color with so you don’t have to deal with bleed-through onto the next page.)

2-pg Spread - B&W

Each version is a handy journal size of 6″ x 9″.   Both book versions consist of 120 journal pages to write your thoughts away.

Sample Writing Pages

Each book has a name block page so you can personalize your book by adding your name.

Sample Name Plate Pages

Here is a sample of the designs found in the book in both black and white (from the coloring book) and full color.


Design Samples

There is a total of six different designs that repeat throughout each book. In the color book version, you can change the colors each time to make each design different. In the full color version each design has two different color versions to give a total of 12 different variations.

You can find these books, as well as all the other Debi Payne Designs books on Amazon by clicking here.







Every Day

Detail Close Up #1

We have all had what seems to be a bad day. One of those days that seem to last forever. One of those days that seem to never end.

Detail Close Up #2

Actually our days are never filled with bad things or good things. Our days are simply made up of ‘things’. How we perceive these ‘things’ will determine if they are bad or good.

"Every Day" by Debi Payne Designs

“Every Day” by Debi Payne Designs

Even if our day is filled with things that we perceive as bad, there is always something good in that day. We just have to allow ourselves to see the good.

Next time you are having what you perceive to be a “bad” day, take a minute to find something good. I promise, it is there, you just have to take the time to see. When you do, celebrate the good and the bad want see so bad!


If you would like to shop for products using this design, click here.



Define Your History

Detail Close Up #1

One of the things that I think about a lot is, “what am I leaving behind?” By this I mean, when I am dead and gone what have I done in my life time will remain in this world once I am gone.

Once I was asked what I wanted to do with my life. My answer was, “I want to create something that when I die little pieces of me will be left all over the world.” That is exactly what I am doing with my art!

Detail Close Up #2

When I am gone from this Earth, people will still have my art. They will still have my stories. Every day I am writing my own history.

"Define Your History" by Debi Payne Designs

“Define Your History” by Debi Payne Designs

We all have a history. We all have the same opportunity to write our own history. Either we can write our history while we are alive or we can let other people write our history after we are gone.

Personally, I prefer to tell my own story rather giving somebody else the opportunity to tell their version of my story.

What are you doing to define or tell your history?

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