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Creating products to help you create a positive environment around yourself  through the things you use in your everyday life.

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 “ Debi Payne is amazing!  She uses her brilliant artistry to create positive and inspirational art that captures the essence of my Positive Tribe Magazine.  The readers find her art very colorful, uplifting and inspirational.  I have received many comments to that effect.  It is such a joy partnering and working with Debi each month to create the most effective artwork and positive sayings to highlight the inspiring and motivational articles in our magazine. "

Candi Parker - Publisher Positive Tribe Magazine

My Latest Blog Posts


Nurture What Is Good For You

  I suppose we all have things that we like to do, even knowing that it probably isn’t the best for us.  However, without giving it much thought, we continue doing …

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Choose People Who Choose You

Generally, we all have people in our lives that we may not choose. For example, there is that precious co-worker that drives crazy on a daily basis. Or perhaps it is …

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It’s Never Too Late

If you are like most people, I’m sure at one time or another you have had thoughts like, ‘I wish I had done this’ or ‘why didn’t I do that?’.  My …

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Hold On To The Good

I have a friend that is always talking about her childhood.  She talks about how mistreated she was and how bad she always felt.  Every once in a while, she will …

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My story​

It’s not the number of people that we meet, but rather the number of hearts we touch that really matters.  This is the approach that I take in all my designs.  When I first started to turn my negative world into a more positive one, I would write a positive thought or saying on a post-it-note and stick it to my computer monitor or on the wall around my computer.  I called these my “little reminders” to help me keep a positive frame of mind.