Carnivale Fabric Samples

Since QT Fabrics released my Carnivale Fabric collection I have been totally amazed by the products that people are making from the fabric.  I have seen quilts, table runners, a window valence and tons of great bags.  I just received a photo of a chair covered in the Carnivale fabric that is absolutely stunning!  If you missed them, I have been posting the photos on my Facebook page if you want head over there and take a look at them there.

Recently my mother-in-law, Jan made several products for me from the fabric.  This past weekend I was finally able to see them and I thought I would take this opportunity to share them with you.

The first product is a set of four placemats with a larger center mat.

The front is created from the paisley design and the multicolor bubble design.  The backside is the border with black background design. 

The next product is a bag.


The outside of the bag is the main Carnivale fabric and the multicolor bubble with black background design.  The separation between the two fabrics is a large pocket.

Inside the bag are lots of little pockets. 

The inside and all the pockets are made from the multi-color bubble with white background designs.

This bag is going be great for when I travel.  I am going to have lots of room to carry all those things that I think I just absolutely must take with me.

Jan also made me a second bag.  When I go anywhere I always take with me a book bag.  This bag needed to be a taller bag so I can carry my sketch book along with my other notebooks and books that I work with.

Image: Book Bag Outside

This bag may not mean much to anybody else, but to me it is super special!  This has strips of all the fabrics that are in the Carnivale Fabric Line.  Then the best part is what is in-between the stripes of fabric, it is the salvage of the fabric.  Now the salvage may not seem like a big deal to most people, but the salvage is where my name is.

Image: Closeup of Carnivale Fabric Salvage

After years and years of hard work, this is my first fabric line and to see my name printed on the fabric is truly a dream come true! Image: Inside of Carnivale Book Bag

The inside of the bag is also the multi-color white dot design.

I want to thank everyone that has sent me photos of the products that you have made.  I have truly enjoy seeing each and everyone of them and I am not happy to share my own photos with you!



Do You Sale Your Art?

Image:  Hand Lettered Question

Last week I talked about what has happened since I was asked the Earth shattering question, “Do you sale your art?” For those that ask that question, hopefully this blog post will give you the answer.

The short answer is, “yes I do”! The longer answer of where and how is a little more complicated and I hope you will indulge me while I try to answer it the best I can.

I will first start by explaining that there are two sides to Debi Payne Designs. There is first my art licensing side which is where I license my art to manufactures to use on their products. From time to time I will mention something new that is coming out, however for the most part there isn’t much to talk about since it is such a long drawn out process, (unless we want to talk about dreaded “waiting”.) I generally refer to this side of my business as the ‘wholesale’ side and not readily available to everyone.

The much more exciting and faster pace side of my business is what I refer to as the ‘retail’ side. This is the side of the business that goes by so quickly and it is always changing and evolving. (To be honest, this is the side that I enjoy the most.) Hopefully there will come a day when both of these sides will become one.

To accommodate the retail side, I have choose two POD sites that I work with. For those that are not familiar with POD sites or what they are, POD means Products On Demand. This is where a customer can order a product and the company will print that one item and ship it to the customer.

Currently I am working with two POD sites, Zazzle and Fine Art America. Zazzle is the site where I create personal products such as cell phone cases, keyrings, magnets, mugs and drinkware, home decor items as well as a variety of stationery products.

The second POD site is Fine Art America. This is a site that produces high quality prints at a reasonable price. They also produce a limited number of products.

On both of these sites you just select the artwork you like along with the product you choose. With Zazzle you have the added feature on some product designs of being able to customize the design by adding different color backgrounds and adding personalized text or your name.

Within Zazzle, Debi Payne Designs has two stores, Debi Payne Designs and Inspiration Station.

Image:  DPD Zazzle Banner

Debi Payne Design is my primary store on Zazzle. I consider this to be my signature store. In this store you can find all my designs and most of the designs can be customized by the customer so they can personalize the products by adding their name or any text that they desire.

Over the years I have created over 30,000 different products for someone to choose from (and that number is still rapidly growing).

Image:  Inspiration Station Zazzle Store Banner The second Debi Payne Designs store is Inspiration Station. As much as I love my Debi Payne Designs store, Inspiration Station is very close to my heart, mainly because it comes from my heart.

In this store I use pretty much the same Debi Payne Designs Artwork, except in this store I incorporate positive words, thoughts, sayings and affirmations. I created this store specifically for those that wish to build a positive environment around themselves.

Image:  DPD Store Banner for FAA

The third Debi Payne Designs store can be found on Fine Art America. Although this store does carry a few products, this store is primarily for quality prints and does carry some of my fine art prints that are not available on Zazzle.

Image:  DPD on Amazon Banner

My last store is on Amazon. This is where you can find my book along with my journals and all of my coloring books.

I hope that you (especially if you are one asking, ‘do you sale your art’) will take a couple minute to look at these stores. As always, if you have any question or need help in with any of the products, I am more than happy to help you anyway that I can.

In the future I promise to pay more attention to letting you know about new products and designs as they become available.

To shop in any store, click on the store icon below:

Image:  Store icon for DPD - Zazzle

Image:  Inspiration Station Icon for Zazzle






Image: Store Icon for DPD on FAA

Image:  DPD on Amazon Icon






Happy Shopping!!!

Until we meet again…

Be Bold & Shine Bright




Always Reinventing Debi Payne Designs

Image: Is The Reward Worth The Risk

A while back someone asked me a simple question, “Do you ever sell your art?” I was astounded by the question. In that very moment I realized that I had failed at my efforts through this deep, dark, black hole that is often referred to as “Internet Marketing”. To me the term “Internet Marketing” is equivalent to a combination of every profane word known to man said at one time and combined into two words and pronounced as “in-ter-net mar-ket-ing”.

However, this one question, “Do you ever sell your art?” told me how much I had failed at my attempts. Yet, for anybody that knows me, they also know that failure is never a bad thing to me. To me, failure is nothing more than a sign on the side of the side of the road telling me to go in a different direction. To me failure is a good thing because it ALWAYS leads me to something better!

For the past couple of weeks I have been evaluating and re-evaluating everything that I am doing on the internet trying to come up with ways to avoid this question so nobody ever has the need to ask if I ever sell my art again.

Image: Opportunities Come to me from Unexpected places.

At the same time I have a team of fantastic people working on my website so that we can make it easier for you to navigate and find what you are looking for. Right now most of the work is being done on the backside which you can’t see, but hopefully over the next several weeks more of that work will become more visible to you.

This business has truly been a life experience and with all life experiences you have to sometimes try different things at different times, constantly changing, tweaking and adjusting the way you do things until you find a perfect balance that leads you to happiness and success.

Over the years I have seen artist trying to sale their art on line and that is all they do, sale… sale… sale. Or those that are on Facebook and their only post are “see what I sold today”. I never wanted to be either one of those people and so I have apparently gone totally in the opposite direction.

These insights and observations have brought me to another crossroad of once again needing to reinvent Debi Payne Designs one more time. To be honest with you, I am kind of excited about this new change. From now on you are going to be seeing a more unfiltered Debi Payne Designs! Debi Payne Designs has so much to offer, in the past you have just seen my art with a brief message. In the future I hope to take on a journey of each part of art so you can see how it evolves from little hand drawn sketch to a final physical product.

Image:  Obstacles as Opportunty

Yes, I do sell my art! Next week I will go more into where you can find my art for sale.

Meanwhile, you are very important and I want to give you content that is beneficial to you and I would love to hear from you. As I mentioned earlier, while my website is under renovation I have had to turn off all the comments on this site due to some amazing spammers, yet I would still love to hear from you. If you would like to send me an email and let me know your thoughts you can write to me at [email protected] . I really do listen to what you say!


Until we meet again…

Be Bold and Shine Bright!

Debi Signature