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Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is this week and for most people their thoughts or on the delicious foods that they are going to be eating or the family members and friends that they are going to be spending the day with.  For some their thoughts are more on line of ‘how in the world am I going to get all of this food cooked in time’ or ‘what time does the big game […]

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Step Out of the Forest

When I am working on a piece of art, I am usually sitting really close to it, and I get drawn into the drawing as I am working on tedious and tiny details that are only inches away from my eyes.  I love the feeling of being so drawn into a piece of art that I only see the tiny line that I am working on at the time.  However, when […]

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A Real Dreamer

Dreams are the stuff that reality is made from.  Everything important in our lives has started with a dream.  At an early age we all instinctively dream of something, however, when we are little we don’t call it dreaming.  We call it make-believe.  As we grow into adults, we lose our great natural ability to play make-believe and we just “talk” about our dreams.  If you just talk about a […]

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Welcome Home

When Tim and I lived in Las Vegas before, there was this little pizza restaurant that we loved, it is called Sunset Pizzeria.  It was a little restaurant in the middle of a strip mall with only about four or five tables inside and they were packed pretty close together.  About every week or two we would order a pizza, go pick it up, and then take it home to […]

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The Journey

The past three years have been an incredible journey for my husband Tim and me.  We have gone from living the life of our dreams to being homeless and having nothing.  Many times Tim and I have asked ourselves “what happened”?  “Where did we go wrong?”  We couldn’t figure it out.  Last night with some alone time by myself I sat quietly to try to figure it out.  I thought […]

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