Chapter 28 – Go Forth… Make It Happen

In January of last year I published my first art book.  This book is a collection of my doodle art and watercolor paintings.  With each painting I have told a story from my life and/or personal experience from my journey on being an artist.  I’m excited to share with you one chapter from my book.  This week is Chapter Number 28 – Go Forth… and Make it Happen. 

Image:  Go Forth

I spent years thinking and dreaming about what I wanted.  I had journals full of writings about what I wanted.  I had lists and I had spreadsheets.  I had mind maps and I had graphs.  I knew exactly everything I wanted down to the smallest detail.

Even with all of that, the only thing I didn’t have was the physical thing that I wanted.

One day I finally realized that it was time to stop thinking about it and planning how I was going to get it and just start making it happen.

Sounds pretty simple, I know.  But I see people everyday stuck in that same cycle.

If you want something, stop waiting for the perfect conditions and just get busy working for it.  Eventually you will make it happen.


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