Chapter 34 – Everything Happens For a Reason

In January of last year I published my first art book.  This book is a collection of my doodle art and watercolor paintings.  With each painting I have told a story from my life and/or personal experience from my journey on being an artist.  I’m excited to share with you one chapter from my book.  This week is Chapter Number 34 – “Everything Happens For A Reason”.

Image: Everything Happens for a Reason

I definitely believe that everything happens for a reason.  Sometimes it may be weeks or even months later before I figure out what the reason was.  And then sometimes I never figure out why something happened.

However, I always know there is a reason for everything that happens.

I believe that everything that happens to us happens to either help us grow more into the person we are meant to be or to teach us a lesson.  I guess this is pretty much the same thing or at least it goes hand-in-hand with each other.

The thing that I think is really cool is when something happens, and at the same time it is happening, you actually see and understand the reason why it is happening.

I think the more you look for reasons, the sooner and clearer they become.



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