Chapter 35 – Life Begins At the End

In January of last year I published my first art book.  This book is a collection of my doodle art and watercolor paintings.  With each painting I have told a story from my life and/or personal experience from my journey on being an artist.  I’m excited to share with you one chapter from my book.  This week is Chapter Number 35 – “Life Begins At The End”.

Image: Life Begins At The End

I remember the first time I flew on an airplane by myself.  I was to fly from Austin, Texas to Little Rock, Arkansas where I was to meet Tim.  I was scared to death about making this trip by myself.

Through days of strategic and careful planning I ended up at the airport 3 hours early, which gave me plenty of time to sit and think.

The trip turned out to be fantastic!  What I learned from that experience was if I had continued to stay in my safe and comfortable place I would not have been able to experience this great trip.

What I also learned from this trip (and from many other experiences afterwards) was that there are many amazing places and things in this world.  Yet, the majority of these places and things only exist outside of my comfort zone.

As lovely and wonderful as my comfort zone is, just outside of my comfort zone are even better and more wonderful things and places.


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