Chapter 37 – “A Stumbling Block”

In January 2016 I published my first art book.  This book is a collection of my doodle art and watercolor paintings.  With each painting I have told a story from my life and/or personal experience from my journey on being an artist.  I’m excited to share with you one chapter from my book.  This week is Chapter Number 37: “A Stumbling Block”. 

Image:  A Stumbling Block

We all have stepping-stones on the pathway of where we want to go.  Deciding whether or not to use them is the hard part.

When I first started thinking about licensing my art to manufacturers for their products I had to do a ton of research to figure out what I needed to do.

I knew that I wanted to find an agent, but before I could find an agent I first had to create a portfolio.  This was a daunting task in the beginning that totally overwhelmed me.  I could see how completing this portfolio could cause most people to say, “never mind… I’ll go do something else”.

Once I was able to see that building a portfolio was like a building block (or stepping stone) to what I really wanted, it became easier to complete the task.  Which in the end lead to finding an agent, which was the original goal.


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