Chapter 47 – Surround Yourself With Good Friends

In January 2016 I published my first art book.  This book is a collection of my doodle art and watercolor paintings.  With each painting I have told a story from my life and/or personal experience from my journey on being an artist.  I’m excited to share with you one chapter from my book.  This week is Chapter Number 47 – “Surround Yourself With Good Friends”.

Image:  Surround Yourself

Tim and I move around a lot and we usually aren’t in one place very long.  That makes it difficult to really make friends.  Yet it seems like I have friends everywhere we’ve been and there is always that one friend that I hate to leave behind.

I have learned to make friends in many ways.  Candi is one of my best friends and we live many states apart.  We met in an on-line mastermind group.

We take the time to talk to each other at least once a week.  Every Tuesday morning at 9:00 we call each other on the phone and we talk for at least an hour.  This our time, and we schedule all other appointment around this time.

We have made this call every week for the past four (and going on five) years.  What makes this really different is that Candi and I have never seen each other face to face in person.

I have discovered there are lots of ways to make and keep friends!



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