Be Someone That Makes You Happy

It seems like no matter where I look, I see so many people that seem so unhappy. I see people that are angry, bitter, jealous, and sometimes just downright mean, but happy people are hard to find. Why not be someone that make you happy? So many people say if they could meet that perfect mate that you would happy. Or if they had this or that, then they would be happy. They just don’t realize that the happy they are looking for is inside them. That is where happy resides and that is really the only true, long-lasting happy that anyone needs.

Image: Be Someone That makes You Happy

Yes, you really can make yourself happy without any help from anybody else or anything else. The first place to start making yourself happy is to start with a positive attitude. The things that you want someone else to say to you, say them to yourself. Get rid of any negative thoughts and definitely don’t actually say those things out loud, to yourself or anybody else.

If you start with just that one thing, in time you will see that you really can be someone that makes you happy!

Celebration Doodle Flower

Image: Celebration Doodle Flowers

Celebration Doodle Flowers is a fun original painting created by Debi Payne Designs featuring three whimsical long stem, tear drop shaped doodle flowers. The flowers are in bright colors of yellow, teal, purple and pink with green stems and leaves. The flowers are accented with multiple sketchy lines to give this sweet hand drawn design a sketched effect.

I have created products using this delightful design for both my Debi Payne Designs and Inspiration Station stores on Zazzle.

In Debi Payne Designs I have added a purple watercolor background where you can personalize your product by adding your name or any text that you choose.

Image: Watercolor Celebration Doodle Flowers

In Inspiration Station I have created products using a purple mixed media background and added the text “Be Someone That Makes You Happy”. These products can be used as a reminder to keep you attitude positive.

Image: Celebration Mixed Media Background

To shop for products in Debi Payne Designs and Inspiration Station, click on the banners below:

Image: Celebration Watercolor Collection Banner

Image: Celebration Positive Thought Collection Banner



Tears for Las Vegas

Today my heart is so sad, as I woke up this morning to hear the news about the shooting in Las Vegas. Today there are many tears for Las Vegas. A place that so many love is a place of sadness today.

I usually don’t write about current events or any of the craziness that is going on in the world today. I choose not to focus on negativity, however this one is so close to my heart, I can’t help myself. Today, this one is personal to me!

Las Vegas is so very near and dear to my heart. Tim and I lived in Las Vegas for eight years from 2006 to 2015. Many people go to Vegas for vacations, conventions, weddings or just a quickie weekend trip. One day Tim asked me why I liked living in Vegas. I had two reasons, (1) The energy. No matter where we went there always seemed to be such a high energy and the people were always so happy. And (2) when we lived in Las Vegas I felt like I was somebody important. I don’t have any particular reasons for having those feelings, and I can’t really explain the, but that is how I felt.

So many people think of Las Vegas and they immediately think about the gambling. Yes, that is there, (and that can be fun), but there is so, so much more to Vegas and unless you actually live there I don’t know if you can understand it. Almost everyone is from somewhere else, yet nobody is ever treated like an ‘outsider’ and everyone is welcomed.

Image: Tim & Debi Wedding Photo

In 2006 Tim and I were married at the Rio in Las Vegas. That was and still is the best day of my life!

Image:  Tim & Debi in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is where my art career really got started. While we lived there my artwork was in three different galleries. It is also the time when in 2011 the economy hit rock bottom and many of the art galleries went out of business. Yet through that event, my art took at different direction which led me to where I am today.

We no longer live in Las Vegas, but a part of us will always be there. Yet, having lived there I can tell you that these people are so strong. They are survivors and they will overcome this.

My heart and prayers are with all those in Vegas and all those impacted by this horrific event. Be strong! You are still Fabulous!

Image:  Word art:  Vegas BabyDebi


Follow Your Heart

I would often hear people say “Follow Your Heart”, but this I would think, what the heck does that mean?   I struggled with this for a while until I finally figured out what it means to me. Turns out it is pretty simple. First have to stop listening to what other people are telling me to do. That is first and foremost! Then I just have to sit quietly and calmly think about the situation. That is when my mind starts to work out the solution. I think this is when my heart is actually talking to my brain.

Some people call these thoughts “whispers”. It is this small faint voice of your heart talking to your brain telling you what to do. If you can listen to these whispers you life will become much easier. If you don’t the whispers become louder until they turn into screams. To me, that is not pleasant and I really do try to avoid the screams when I can.

When I don’t know what to do about something or which direction to go, I always try to follow my heart. I know it will never let me down.

Image: Bless Doodle FlowerBlessed Doodle Flower

“Blessed” is a collection of long stem tulip style doodle flowers. In Debi Payne Designs Zazzle store I have a variety of products with a pink watercolor background that you can personalize with your name or any text you choose. To see the products click on the Debi Payne Designs banner below.

Image: Blessed Positive Thought

In my Inspiration Station Zazzle store I have used the same doodle flower along with a mixed media background. I have added the motivational saying, “Your heart will always lead you in the right direction.” If you like this design, select a product that you use often so it can serve you as a reminder to always follow your heart.

To shop for products in these collection, click on the collection banner below:

Image: Blessed Watercolor Collection

Image: Blessed Positive Thought Collection Banner

I hope you will always remember to follow your heart!

Until we meet again…



Never Give Up On Yourself

We have all been at the end of our rope at one time or another. Sometimes a situation seems to be so big we just deal with it. Our first instinct is just to give up. We have all been there at one time or another. There is usually someone standing there tell is to “never give up on yourself”. I don’t know about you, but my first thought is usually, “oh shut up!” We have all been there and I can’t count how many times I have been there with my art.

Over the years I have learned a couple of things that have helped me to get through these times. One thing that I do is I try to find a different angle to look at the situation from. In the beginning it may seem overwhelming and hopeless. But remember, everything, no matter how negative, always has something positive. Granted, sometimes it can be difficult to find the positive, but it is there. First start by changing to negative thoughts to positive thoughts.

If that doesn’t work, I think ask myself, “what am I suppose to learn from this?” We are all put on this earth to learn and grow. Life is nothing but a series of lesson that we are supposed to learn from. Unfortunately, some of those lessons come the hard way. So, when faced with a difficult situation what lesson can you learn from it?

Image Adorable Watercolor Doodle Flower

Don’t forget, in any difficult situation you can either change the way you look at it or you can learn something from it. But, please, never give up on yourself!

About Adorable Doodle Flower

I created “Adorable” several years ago and now I am happy to announce that I have created products with this designs. In my Debi Payne Designs Zazzle store I have a variety of products with a watercolor background that you can personalize and add your name or any text that you choose. To see the products click on the banner below.

Image: Adorable Doodle Flower with Mixed Media Background

If you are trying to build a positive environment and keep yourself motivated, I invite you to Inspiration Station on Zazzle where you can find products with the “Adorable” doodle flower over a mixed media background. Select a product that you will use every day so it can also serve you as a reminder to Never give up on yourself.

To shop for products in these collections, click on the collection banner below:

Image: Product Collection Banner for Inspriation StationImage: Product Collection

I hope you will always remember to NEVER give up on yourself!

Until we meet again…







Think Positive – Be Positive

How many times have you heard “Think Positive – Be Positive”? We have all heard it at one time or another. Yet, do you actually put it into practice? Granted, sometimes that is easier to say than to actually do. Yet for those that do, it is amazing the difference that it can make.

No matter what the situation, you can always find something good about it. Sometimes you have to look really hard to find it. But the good is always there! If you are fortunate enough to find that good, focus on that. When you are able to focus on the good part, it will become bigger than the no-so-good part.

If you don’t like a situation, change the way you look at it. There is always more than one way to look at any situation. If you choose a positive view, the situation will become positive. The choice is always yours!

Image: Bliss Doodle Flower - Be Positive - Think Positive

Remind yourself to Think Positive – Stay Positive

Image: Bliss Doodle Flower

I love all the products that I have created with this design! This is my doodle flower that I have named “Bliss”. Bliss Doodle Flower is an original painting created by Debi Payne Designs. Bliss features a single whimsical doodle flower with pretty large pink and orange flower petals and a large yellow center. In the center of the flower there are doodle accents. The flower is accented by two large leaves and a swirl stem at the top. The entire design is accented with multiple sketchy lines to give this hand drawn design a sketched effect.

Image: Bliss Doodle Flower with watercolor background

In Debi Payne Designs on Zazzle, Bliss is over a pink watercolor wash background. These products have been created so you can add your name. If you would like some other text, you may do so as well. To see all the products with this design, click here.

Image: Bliss doodle flower with text - "Think Positive Be Positive"

In Inspiration Station on Zazzle, Bliss is over a hand-painted mixed media background. These products have been created with the hand-lettered text “Think Positive Be Positive”. These products can be used as reminders to stay positive. Start building a positive environment by using products you use every day.

Image: Bliss - Debi Payne Designs Collection Banner

Image: Collection Banner for Bliss on Inspration Station









To shop for products in these collection, click on the collection banners above.

I hope you will remember to Think Positive – Stay Positive.

Until we meet again…


To read more about Debi Payne Designs products, click here.

To read more about Inspiration Station, click here.


One Day… One Step At A Time

Image: "Delight" Watercolor Doodle Flower

In this fast past world we live in it seems we are all looking for instant gratification in everything. It seems to be so difficult for us to be patient and work for an end goal. It reminds me of the saying I once heard: “Oh Lord, please give me patience… but hurry up.” This is funny, but sorry, it doesn’t really work like that!  Sometime in order for us to move forward we need to change our thinking which will give us more motivation.

I have been working on my art pretty much my entire life.  Probably about 90% of that time I have wanted to be at the end result. Then one day it surprised me how far I had come and the enormous inventory of artwork that I had produced.  The education that I had obtained and all the many things that I had actually accomplished was astounding. I had spent so much time looking for the end that I wanted that I had missed all the little single accomplishments that I had achieved.

As I looked back over the years of looking for this instant gratification, I realized that I had not arrived where I was today through instant gratification or by some mythological genie in a lamp, but instead I had arrived at where I am today but by working day after day and each day moving just one step closer to my goal. Which is exactly the way I plan on continuing.

Create Your Own Positive Environment

Image: "Delight" Doodle Flower with Mixed Media Background

For my Inspiration Station store I have created a number of products with this saying and artwork. These are some great products that can help you build your positive environment and serve as little reminders to stay positive.

All of these products include the “Delight” Doodle Flower over a mixed media background and accented by the motivational text, “One day One Step at a time.”

watercolor background

For those looking for a more simplistic, softer design, I have created products for my Debi Payne Designs store with the same “Delight” Doodle Flower.  The flower is placed over a lovely multi-color watercolor wash background. All of these products can be personalized with your name or any text you wish.

Image: Delight Positive Thought Collection Image: "Delight" Watercolor products collection banner








To shop for products in these collections, click on the collection banners above.

I hope you will remember to take one step and one day at a time!






Inspiration Station

Image: What Makes You Smile?

The past few weeks I have been talking about some of the changes that have been happening at Debi Payne Designs. One of the things is all the renovation that has been going on in my Zazzle stores. This week I have been working in my Inspiration Store and I have to say, “I just love this store”!!! The designs along with all the bright colors and the sayings all just make me smile!

I created this store about six years ago. That was also shortly after I started my focused journey into positive thinking. It seemed like every day I was running across a positive quote or saying that I really liked. I would write down the quote or saying on a sticky note and then I would stick the note to the edge of my computer monitor or on the wall around my desk. I was putting up all these little sticky notes to remind myself to stay in a positive frame of mind.

After several months I realized that I was sitting in a sea of sticky notes. I was surrounded by them and they were literally everywhere. It had gotten to the point where there were so many I wasn’t really seeing any of them. Each and every sticky note was important to me but it just wasn’t working anymore and I knew I needed to find a better way. Then one day when I was working on my Debi Payne Designs Zazzle store it dawned on me, why now take all these quotes and sayings and combine it with my art and make products that I can use every day, like a mousepad, a coaster, a keyring, a magnet, etc… etc… and that way I can still surround myself with my little reminders and enjoy them even more. That is when Inspiration Station was born!

Image: Inspiration Station Banner

I found that once I started creating art to go with the positive saying, the saying then became more of a visual to me. For those that study positive thinking they say that if you can connect a visual something to a thought it sticks with your longer. I have to say that I do believe it!

Since I first started Inspiration Station I have continued to build up this store. At this time there is over 13,000 products in Inspiration Station. Some products contain positive sayings and some consist of just a single positive word. In both cases these products are all little reminders that you can use throughout your day to stay in a positive frame of mind.

I hope you will take a minute to stop by Inspiration Station and see all the great products that are there. You can go to the product category to select the product you like and then from the product category you can select the design that you would like to have. You can start building a positive environment with small inexpensive products like a magnet or a keyring. My personal favorite product is my mousepad because I am at my computer most of the day and I am constantly looking at it.

Image: Compact Mirrors from Inspiration StationImage: Magnet Collection from Inspiration Station








I have found that since I started using these products with positive sayings my world has totally changed, all for the better. I find myself calmer, more peaceful and my focus on my work has become unbelievable lazar like. Start adding positive products to your environment and I think you will see the same thing happen for you.

To shop in any of the Debi Payne Designs store, click on the store icon below:

Image: Store icon for DPD - ZazzleImage: Inspiration Station Icon for Zazzle





Image: Store Icon for DPD on FAAImage: DPD on Amazon Icon






Until we meet again…

Be Bold and Shine Bright!




Do You Sale Your Art?

Image:  Hand Lettered Question

Last week I talked about what has happened since I was asked the Earth shattering question, “Do you sale your art?” For those that ask that question, hopefully this blog post will give you the answer.

The short answer is, “yes I do”! The longer answer of where and how is a little more complicated and I hope you will indulge me while I try to answer it the best I can.

I will first start by explaining that there are two sides to Debi Payne Designs. There is first my art licensing side which is where I license my art to manufactures to use on their products. From time to time I will mention something new that is coming out, however for the most part there isn’t much to talk about since it is such a long drawn out process, (unless we want to talk about dreaded “waiting”.) I generally refer to this side of my business as the ‘wholesale’ side and not readily available to everyone.

The much more exciting and faster pace side of my business is what I refer to as the ‘retail’ side. This is the side of the business that goes by so quickly and it is always changing and evolving. (To be honest, this is the side that I enjoy the most.) Hopefully there will come a day when both of these sides will become one.

To accommodate the retail side, I have choose two POD sites that I work with. For those that are not familiar with POD sites or what they are, POD means Products On Demand. This is where a customer can order a product and the company will print that one item and ship it to the customer.

Currently I am working with two POD sites, Zazzle and Fine Art America. Zazzle is the site where I create personal products such as cell phone cases, keyrings, magnets, mugs and drinkware, home decor items as well as a variety of stationery products.

The second POD site is Fine Art America. This is a site that produces high quality prints at a reasonable price. They also produce a limited number of products.

On both of these sites you just select the artwork you like along with the product you choose. With Zazzle you have the added feature on some product designs of being able to customize the design by adding different color backgrounds and adding personalized text or your name.

Within Zazzle, Debi Payne Designs has two stores, Debi Payne Designs and Inspiration Station.

Image:  DPD Zazzle Banner

Debi Payne Design is my primary store on Zazzle. I consider this to be my signature store. In this store you can find all my designs and most of the designs can be customized by the customer so they can personalize the products by adding their name or any text that they desire.

Over the years I have created over 30,000 different products for someone to choose from (and that number is still rapidly growing).

Image:  Inspiration Station Zazzle Store Banner The second Debi Payne Designs store is Inspiration Station. As much as I love my Debi Payne Designs store, Inspiration Station is very close to my heart, mainly because it comes from my heart.

In this store I use pretty much the same Debi Payne Designs Artwork, except in this store I incorporate positive words, thoughts, sayings and affirmations. I created this store specifically for those that wish to build a positive environment around themselves.

Image:  DPD Store Banner for FAA

The third Debi Payne Designs store can be found on Fine Art America. Although this store does carry a few products, this store is primarily for quality prints and does carry some of my fine art prints that are not available on Zazzle.

Image:  DPD on Amazon Banner

My last store is on Amazon. This is where you can find my book along with my journals and all of my coloring books.

I hope that you (especially if you are one asking, ‘do you sale your art’) will take a couple minute to look at these stores. As always, if you have any question or need help in with any of the products, I am more than happy to help you anyway that I can.

In the future I promise to pay more attention to letting you know about new products and designs as they become available.

To shop in any store, click on the store icon below:

Image:  Store icon for DPD - Zazzle

Image:  Inspiration Station Icon for Zazzle






Image: Store Icon for DPD on FAA

Image:  DPD on Amazon Icon






Happy Shopping!!!

Until we meet again…

Be Bold & Shine Bright




Always Reinventing Debi Payne Designs

Image: Is The Reward Worth The Risk

A while back someone asked me a simple question, “Do you ever sell your art?” I was astounded by the question. In that very moment I realized that I had failed at my efforts through this deep, dark, black hole that is often referred to as “Internet Marketing”. To me the term “Internet Marketing” is equivalent to a combination of every profane word known to man said at one time and combined into two words and pronounced as “in-ter-net mar-ket-ing”.

However, this one question, “Do you ever sell your art?” told me how much I had failed at my attempts. Yet, for anybody that knows me, they also know that failure is never a bad thing to me. To me, failure is nothing more than a sign on the side of the side of the road telling me to go in a different direction. To me failure is a good thing because it ALWAYS leads me to something better!

For the past couple of weeks I have been evaluating and re-evaluating everything that I am doing on the internet trying to come up with ways to avoid this question so nobody ever has the need to ask if I ever sell my art again.

Image: Opportunities Come to me from Unexpected places.

At the same time I have a team of fantastic people working on my website so that we can make it easier for you to navigate and find what you are looking for. Right now most of the work is being done on the backside which you can’t see, but hopefully over the next several weeks more of that work will become more visible to you.

This business has truly been a life experience and with all life experiences you have to sometimes try different things at different times, constantly changing, tweaking and adjusting the way you do things until you find a perfect balance that leads you to happiness and success.

Over the years I have seen artist trying to sale their art on line and that is all they do, sale… sale… sale. Or those that are on Facebook and their only post are “see what I sold today”. I never wanted to be either one of those people and so I have apparently gone totally in the opposite direction.

These insights and observations have brought me to another crossroad of once again needing to reinvent Debi Payne Designs one more time. To be honest with you, I am kind of excited about this new change. From now on you are going to be seeing a more unfiltered Debi Payne Designs! Debi Payne Designs has so much to offer, in the past you have just seen my art with a brief message. In the future I hope to take on a journey of each part of art so you can see how it evolves from little hand drawn sketch to a final physical product.

Image:  Obstacles as Opportunty

Yes, I do sell my art! Next week I will go more into where you can find my art for sale.

Meanwhile, you are very important and I want to give you content that is beneficial to you and I would love to hear from you. As I mentioned earlier, while my website is under renovation I have had to turn off all the comments on this site due to some amazing spammers, yet I would still love to hear from you. If you would like to send me an email and let me know your thoughts you can write to me at [email protected] . I really do listen to what you say!


Until we meet again…

Be Bold and Shine Bright!

Debi Signature








Dare to Dream – Artist Spotlight

You may (or may not) have noticed that last month I took a bit of a “blog break”. It wasn’t really intentional on my part, it was just that I was involved in so many different projects all at once that my blogging time just seemed to have vanished in thin air.

One of the things that has happened during this time is the honor that was bestowed on me when Art Licensing Show featured me in their blog in the artist spotlight article. This is a lovely article with more on my background and a little about how I got to where I am today. If you would like to read the article, click here.

Image:  Dare to Dream

Along with all the work I have been doing on my art licensing, I have also been working on my mission and all that consist of. As with any business, mine is always changing and evolving as it grows. Over the next few weeks and months you will probably be seeing some changes to my website along with all the things attached to it.

Something else that is going through some major renovations is my Debi Payne Designs Zazzle Stores. I have been rearranging products, cleaning out old designs and adding new product designs. I will be talking more about this in the future.

Although there are many changes in progress, with even more to come soon, I am happy to say that the only change in my message is that it is becoming even stronger.

Image:  Affirming a positive life day by deyIt seems like when I start thinking about how long my journey has been, I realize that it has just begun. I have experienced many bumps and bruises along with several stall outs and even a couple very ungraceful falls flat on my face. But each time I have managed to somehow pick myself up, dust myself off and take another step forward.

The future is looking very bright for Debi Payne Designs and I hope you will continue to join me on this fabulous, crazy, wild journey and hopefully I will be able to shed a little bit of sunshine on your day.