Do You Have Obstacles or Adventure?

Image: Watercolor Doodle Flowers - BeamingThere are times in everyone’s life when things don’t go as smoothly as we would like.  Yet, how many times do we get caught up in an obstacle and look at it as a hardship or burden.  Why is it so difficult to look at an obstacle as adventure and just have fun with it instead of fretting, worrying and trying to change it?

Tim works as a construction superintendent for general contractors.  His specialty is building apartment complexes.  With this line of work it means that the project doesn’t come to him, he goes to the project.  Some project last almost a year, but for most of his projects he is only there a few months, and in some cases, just weeks.  At one point, over a seven year period we moved 26 times.  That includes packing, loading furniture and boxes into a U-Haul, driving to the new location, unloading and unpacking.  After so many moves I can say that I am a master packer and Tim is a master loader.

Image: Mixed Media "Beaming" Doodle Flowers A lot of people would see this as a nightmare way of life, (I know because they have told me so many times).  For us we have loved it.  We have lived in Arkansas, Nevada, Arizona, Louisiana and Texas.  Every time Tim would get a new project we both would get so excited because we knew that it was going to be a new adventure. 

 Each time not only would Tim’s project be different, but the town and everything around us would be different.  We were able to experience new climates, new cultures, not to mention new stores and new restaurants.  We learned that every place has its own unique personality and getting to know it all was so much fun. 

 Image - Affirmation featuring "Beaming" doodle flowers.

What in your life do you do that you see as an obstacle?  How can you change the way you look at it so that you can turn it into an adventure?  Use this affirmation to help you turn around your thinking.







"Be Open To Whatever" by Debi Payne of Debi Payne Designs

“Be Open To Whatever” by Debi Payne of Debi Payne Designs

Change doesn’t always come with options. When a loved one dies, you usually don’t have an option. When you get older and your body goes through different changes, you don’t always have an option with that one either. However, I am talking about changing my art and with that I am finding an abundance of options.

As for the types of art I can make, I am finding the number of options to be mind-boggling. Over the past couple of days I have been looking at different types of art trying to decide what I want to do. There is so much beautiful art to look at and for me, I have been like a kid in a candy store with the instruction, “pick out anything that you want, and no, you can’t have it all.”

I am still in the process of deciding what I want. There are many things about my art that I do like. I think I am just a little board doing the same thing over and over again. I feel like it is time to try something new. However, in that process there are some things that I don’t want to change, and to me these are my “non-negotiables”. I love the colorfulness of my art, and I really don’t want to change that. So I am trying to pick a medium where I can still get the bold bright colors that I love.

Another thing that I want to keep are all the things that I use to “define” my style. That would be my whimsical doodle drawings with my sketchy lines. Although I use quite a bit of hand lettering in my previous art, that is something that I would like do more and have be more pronounced. The messages in my art are the most important thing to me and so I have to find a way to make that work.

And of course I can’t do without little random black and white checkerboard. I just don’t know how I could live without that.

One of the mediums that I came really close to choosing was Alcohol Inks. I love the boldness and saturation of color in the inks, yet, I was concerned if I would be able to have the control and versatility that I want to have when incorporating my “non-negotiables”.

I have also been looking at mixed media collage. I don’t know if this will work or not. Trying to incorporate my “non-negotiables” may be pretty interesting. I don’t know if it will work or not, but I do know that I am being really drawn to it, so I think I am going to give it a try.

Although working with different mediums and developing “style” are the really fun things that I get to do, I also have to keep remembering that this is a business too.

"Attitude Is The Difference" by Debi Payne of Debi Payne Designs

“Attitude Is The Difference” by Debi Payne of Debi Payne Designs

A really big part of this business (and probably one of the most important parts) is the marketing end. Unfortunately, that is my least favorite part. Perhaps that is where I need to make the biggest change. And the biggest change that I need to make there is probably simply in just my attitude.

Before I can get started on the experimentation and making changes to my art and my business, I have to first complete a move. We are moving in two days and I first have to finish packing. Once we have moved then I can get started on my new art in a new studio.

Moving Boxes #1 3-20-2016

There are just so many changes going on for me right now! Granted these changes are a little scary and filled with tons of uncertainty, I am really looking forward to them and seeing how things look on the other side of the change.




Always Look on the Bright Side

Always Look Leaf Closeup

Perception is everything!  Everything is nothing until you make it something.  The way you choose to look at something is totally up to you.  You can see it as something good or positive, or you can choose to see it as something bad or negative.

Always Look Flower Closeup

It often amazes me how two people can be looking at the exact same thing, yet they see it totally different.  The best part is that you can see something one way, then you can “choose” to see it differently, but it is still the same thing.

"Always Look on the Bright Side" by Debi Payne

“Always Look on the Bright Side” by Debi Payne

 We have all been taught to see the good in everything.  Yet, how often do we see only the negative, and never even look for the good.   Granted, sometimes it can be really hard to find the good in some things or situation, but it is there!  All you have to do is look for it!