Always Appreciate Those Around You

Image: Flowers in Cup with watercolor background.

I once worked with a girl that was as chronic complainer. She also picked fights with the others in the office.

In the beginning she was cute and charming, but she quickly became  very hard  to be around. However, she was very good at her job. Her job was vital to the company, and without her doing her job as well as she did, my job would have been much more difficult.

Image: Flowers in Cup with Mixed Media Background

I had to work to find a way to deal with the high energy and emotional draining that I had to go through with her. The way I found that I could deal with the situation was by appreciating what she did in her work. It is amazing what you can tolerate from some people when you learn to appreciate something about them.

If you have someone in your life that you find difficult to be around, take some time and find some good about that person,.

once you find the good, focus on it and soon you will see your entire relationship with them change for the better.

Image: Flowers in Cup Affirmation

Remembering that there is something good in everything and everyone, use this affirmation to help yourself to stay aware of appreciating at least one good thing about all those around you.



Be Someone That Makes You Happy

It seems like no matter where I look, I see so many people that seem so unhappy. I see people that are angry, bitter, jealous, and sometimes just downright mean, but happy people are hard to find. Why not be someone that make you happy? So many people say if they could meet that perfect mate that you would happy. Or if they had this or that, then they would be happy. They just don’t realize that the happy they are looking for is inside them. That is where happy resides and that is really the only true, long-lasting happy that anyone needs.

Image: Be Someone That makes You Happy

Yes, you really can make yourself happy without any help from anybody else or anything else. The first place to start making yourself happy is to start with a positive attitude. The things that you want someone else to say to you, say them to yourself. Get rid of any negative thoughts and definitely don’t actually say those things out loud, to yourself or anybody else.

If you start with just that one thing, in time you will see that you really can be someone that makes you happy!

Celebration Doodle Flower

Image: Celebration Doodle Flowers

Celebration Doodle Flowers is a fun original painting created by Debi Payne Designs featuring three whimsical long stem, tear drop shaped doodle flowers. The flowers are in bright colors of yellow, teal, purple and pink with green stems and leaves. The flowers are accented with multiple sketchy lines to give this sweet hand drawn design a sketched effect.

I have created products using this delightful design for both my Debi Payne Designs and Inspiration Station stores on Zazzle.

In Debi Payne Designs I have added a purple watercolor background where you can personalize your product by adding your name or any text that you choose.

Image: Watercolor Celebration Doodle Flowers

In Inspiration Station I have created products using a purple mixed media background and added the text “Be Someone That Makes You Happy”. These products can be used as a reminder to keep you attitude positive.

Image: Celebration Mixed Media Background

To shop for products in Debi Payne Designs and Inspiration Station, click on the banners below:

Image: Celebration Watercolor Collection Banner

Image: Celebration Positive Thought Collection Banner



My Life Is My Masterpiece


In this lesson of Joanne Sharpe’s class from “Draw Your Awesome Year” our assignment was to draw our life.  First we were to draw a picture frame.  Then within the frame we were to draw all the things that were important to us that made up our lives.

The first thing that I drew was the Welcome to Las Vegas sign because I live in Las Vegas and I love it! 


This assignment really took some thought!  There are so many things that are important to me in my life, and I am grateful for each and every one of them.  However, to draw those things is a completely different challenge.  So, after much thought, this is what I came up with…

My Life is My Masterpiece

The Welcome to Las Vegas sign is because I live in Las Vegas and I love it.  I love the energy of the city and the motivation and inspiration it gives me.  In Las Vegas we have sunshine and palm trees which I love.  Of course I had to have the paint pallet because I am an artist and that is my passion.  Next to the palm tree I put in a doodle flower because I love my doodles so much. 

Under the title banner I have two interlocking hearts which represents me and Tim, (thus the “T” and “D” in the hearts).  Then surround the hearts are the little flowers which represent our kids and grandkids.

In the background is a Zentangle tile pattern because in some way or another those Zentangles usually find a way to sneak themselves into my art.

This was a fun piece to make and I really enjoyed the process of thinking it through.