Do You Have Obstacles or Adventure?

Image: Watercolor Doodle Flowers - BeamingThere are times in everyone’s life when things don’t go as smoothly as we would like.  Yet, how many times do we get caught up in an obstacle and look at it as a hardship or burden.  Why is it so difficult to look at an obstacle as adventure and just have fun with it instead of fretting, worrying and trying to change it?

Tim works as a construction superintendent for general contractors.  His specialty is building apartment complexes.  With this line of work it means that the project doesn’t come to him, he goes to the project.  Some project last almost a year, but for most of his projects he is only there a few months, and in some cases, just weeks.  At one point, over a seven year period we moved 26 times.  That includes packing, loading furniture and boxes into a U-Haul, driving to the new location, unloading and unpacking.  After so many moves I can say that I am a master packer and Tim is a master loader.

Image: Mixed Media "Beaming" Doodle Flowers A lot of people would see this as a nightmare way of life, (I know because they have told me so many times).  For us we have loved it.  We have lived in Arkansas, Nevada, Arizona, Louisiana and Texas.  Every time Tim would get a new project we both would get so excited because we knew that it was going to be a new adventure. 

 Each time not only would Tim’s project be different, but the town and everything around us would be different.  We were able to experience new climates, new cultures, not to mention new stores and new restaurants.  We learned that every place has its own unique personality and getting to know it all was so much fun. 

 Image - Affirmation featuring "Beaming" doodle flowers.

What in your life do you do that you see as an obstacle?  How can you change the way you look at it so that you can turn it into an adventure?  Use this affirmation to help you turn around your thinking.





Obstacles Are Frightful Things!

Leaf Closeup

We all have things that we are afraid of!  Probably one of the silliest things I am afraid of is a new art journal.  I love buying pretty blank art journals with good quality paper.  I will buy the journal and take it home.  Once I get home I hold and look at the journal with great admiration.  I think about all the pretty art that I want to do in this beautiful new journal.

Sometimes the journal will sit around for days, and sometimes even weeks.  I want to start working in the journal, but then I stop and set it aside again.  I am just two afraid of messing it up.  I feel like my work want be worthy of this beautiful journal and beautiful paper.  I feel that if my work isn’t perfect it will scar the beautiful journal and paper and I will feel bad.  I know that for most people this sounds really silly.

Text Closeup

Some people have fears of spiders and snakes.  Spiders and snakes I can handle (with the exception of the occasional tarantella).  But this blank journal think has truly been an obstacle for me.

One day I finally came to the conclusion that this fear of working in a new, beautiful, blank journal was keeping me from creating the art that I wanted to create.

I finally came to the realization that “it is just paper”!  So what if I mess it up.  I can either tear the page out, or I can go get a new journal.  And what if I did mess it up?  I knew I wouldn’t die, and I knew that somebody I loved would die if I messed the page up.  I knew there weren’t any beautiful journal police watching me and waiting to take me to jail if I messed the page up.  So what did it matter!

This silly little fear is all that was holding me back.  Once I recognized this silly little fear as being the big obstacle keeping me from creating my art, I was able to get over it.  Now I still love getting a new journal, however creating the first page is a delight.  Once I have the first page finished I am so happy and I feel like there is nothing that can stop me!

"Obstacles Are Frightful" by Debi Payne of Debi Payne Designs

“Obstacles Are Frightful” by Debi Payne of Debi Payne Designs

So, what silly little fear do you have that is keeping you from reaching your goal?

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