Carnivale Fabric Samples

Since QT Fabrics released my Carnivale Fabric collection I have been totally amazed by the products that people are making from the fabric.  I have seen quilts, table runners, a window valence and tons of great bags.  I just received a photo of a chair covered in the Carnivale fabric that is absolutely stunning!  If you missed them, I have been posting the photos on my Facebook page if you want head over there and take a look at them there.

Recently my mother-in-law, Jan made several products for me from the fabric.  This past weekend I was finally able to see them and I thought I would take this opportunity to share them with you.

The first product is a set of four placemats with a larger center mat.

The front is created from the paisley design and the multicolor bubble design.  The backside is the border with black background design. 

The next product is a bag.


The outside of the bag is the main Carnivale fabric and the multicolor bubble with black background design.  The separation between the two fabrics is a large pocket.

Inside the bag are lots of little pockets. 

The inside and all the pockets are made from the multi-color bubble with white background designs.

This bag is going be great for when I travel.  I am going to have lots of room to carry all those things that I think I just absolutely must take with me.

Jan also made me a second bag.  When I go anywhere I always take with me a book bag.  This bag needed to be a taller bag so I can carry my sketch book along with my other notebooks and books that I work with.

Image: Book Bag Outside

This bag may not mean much to anybody else, but to me it is super special!  This has strips of all the fabrics that are in the Carnivale Fabric Line.  Then the best part is what is in-between the stripes of fabric, it is the salvage of the fabric.  Now the salvage may not seem like a big deal to most people, but the salvage is where my name is.

Image: Closeup of Carnivale Fabric Salvage

After years and years of hard work, this is my first fabric line and to see my name printed on the fabric is truly a dream come true! Image: Inside of Carnivale Book Bag

The inside of the bag is also the multi-color white dot design.

I want to thank everyone that has sent me photos of the products that you have made.  I have truly enjoy seeing each and everyone of them and I am not happy to share my own photos with you!



Carnivale Fabric Collection

Image: Carnival Collection Sampler

There is nothing more exciting to me than to see my artwork reproduced on physical products and this one has been particularly exciting for me.  In the fall of last year QT Fabrics created this fabulous fabric collection from my artwork.  It is called “Carnivale”.  This Carnivale Fabric Collection has truly exceeded all of my expectations!  The fabric was produced in October and shipped to stores in November.  By January QT Fabrics was already scheduling a second printing to meet the demand for the fabric.

It has been such a joy working with QT Fabrics!  Everyone there has been so amazing and such a delight.  Creative Manager – Tiffany Meredith Jawor-Smith said, “QT is thrilled with the response to the colorful and vibrant Carnivale collection!  Color is a universal language for quilters, and there are so many wonderful stores to be told – we look forward to seeing inspired projects developed and shared for years to come.”  I totally agree with Tiffany!

Image: Main Carnivale Design

The main design of the collection is a fabulous flowing combination of my whimsical doodle flowers and shapes surrounded by delightful multi-color bubble dots in various sizes.  This main design comes in either a black background or white background.  This is the most popular design in the collection.

Image: Multi-color Carnival Dot

The second most popular design in the collection is the multi-color bubble dot design.  Like the main design this bubble dot design comes in either a black background or white background.

Image: Carnival Fabric Sample Bar

There is a total 14 fabric in all in the collection.

The part that I have enjoyed the most about the collection is seeing what everyone is making with the fabric.  Here are a few photographs that have been sent to me from others of items they have made with the fabric.

Judi Duncan made these pencil bags (of which I could use for a gillion different things).

Image: Judi Duncan Products

Kim Benson made this large bag that would be great for carrying everything you need.  Kim has also made a bottle up bag.

Image: Bag made by Kim BensonImage: Bottle up Bag by Kim Benson

And Stacey Maxwell will always have a festive table when she uses her colorful napkins and table runners.

 Image: Napkins & Table Runner by Stacey Maxwell

Image:  Stacey Maxwell Table Runner #2

I want to say thank you to each of these ladies for sharing the lovely work with me and giving me permission to share the photographs with you.

The second printing of Carnivale is scheduled to be shipped to stores the middle of April.  Hopefully these pictures will give you some ideas of what you can made from the Carnivale Collection.

If you have made something from the Carnivale Fabric Collection that you would like to share with us, we would love to see what you have made.  Please leave a photograph in comments below so that we can all enjoy it.