Just Give It A Try

Image: Bella - Watercolor

How many times have you wanted to do something and immediately your mind starts to create a lengthy and sometimes elaborate list of all the reason why you shouldn’t or can’t do it?  We have all been there more times than we can count.  I can’t help but wonder why we do this.  Are we just beating others to the punch and telling ourselves all the reasons why we shouldn’t or can’t do something before we give others a chance to do it for us or are we just conditioned to immediately go to the negative.  There comes a point where we just have to stop all of this craziness and just give it a try.

The time that I see this happen the most is when it comes to people trying to reach for their dreams, including myself.  First, I would have the dream starting with “I want…” immediately followed by the litany of excuses of why I shouldn’t or couldn’t.  I was driving myself crazy.  The time I was wasting by going through this was enormous.  I knew that I had to figure out a way to turn this around.

Image: Bella - Mixed Media Then finally the way I turned this around was I allowed myself to continue to make the typical list of negatives, yet every time I thought of a reason why I shouldn’t or couldn’t do something I would turn the excuse from a statement into a question.  For example, if my excuse was “I can’t afford to….” I would write down the question “How can I get enough money to…?” Or, I would change the excuse “I don’t know how to…” into the question “How can I learn how to….?”  Taking this a step further, any time someone else would tell me why I shouldn’t or couldn’t do something I would respond to them with a question of “How can I….?”  Don’t expect an answer, but this is another question that you can add to your list.

After a while you will have a list of questions that are actually your “to-do” list.  If you methodically set out answer all your questions you will soon find yourself on the path to having what you want.  It is through this list of questions that you are actually trying to reach your goal.  Each time you find an answer to a question that will confirm for you that you are trying.  Just sticking to the excuses shows that you aren’t really even trying.

Image: "Bella" Affirmation What can you try today that will get you closer to your dream or your goal?  Do you need to find a new question to ask yourself?  Keep telling yourself that everyday you will try something new and watch how much faster you reach your dream or your goal.






Begin Today


We all have something that we want to do.  It doesn’t matter the size or the importance of the “something”, but we all have something that we want to do.  Yet, for most there is this thing standing between you and your doing that something that you want to do.  The most common thing that I hear people talking about standing between them and their something is just their simply getting started!

They think they have to know everything and have all the answers before they can start something new.  And if you really look at what they are wanting, they are actually wanting to be finished before they have ever even started.  Sorry… it doesn’t work that way!!!

"Begin Today" by Debi Payne of Debi Payne Designs.

“Begin Today” by Debi Payne of Debi Payne Designs.

So, for whatever it is that you are wanting to do is to just get started.  Don’t worry about not knowing everything, you will figure that out as you go long.  The main thing you have to do is just start.  And there is no better time than to begin today!

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Take It Up A Level

"Take It Up A Level" by Debi Payne

“Take It Up A Level” by Debi Payne

For years I was stuck in a rut doing the same things over and over and receiving the same results over and over again.  I finally got to the point where I said, “enough is enough”.  I still do things and I don’t get the results that I want, however I have changed enough to where I don’t do it over and over again.  Now, if what I am doing doesn’t give me results that I want, I change the way I doing it.  I am much faster now at changing how I do things then I was before.

This is also true with my art.  Recently I was cleaning out our storage room where I had several boxes of my old art, drawings and sketches.  I was so excited to see these old drawings and sketches that I hadn’t seen if over 10 years.  Yet in a way I was shocked.  The drawings and sketches that I had drawn over 10 years ago, were just like the drawings and sketches that I was drawing now.  They were the same style and even the same themes.  That was the moment when I decided it was time to take it up a level.

Since then I have been taking classes, trying new things and exploring new avenues.  Yes, it does take some work and practice to move things to a higher level, but in the end I know it will be worth it.  So, how is my art going to be different?  I don’t have a clue!  All I know right now is that there are changes on the horizon and I am really looking forward to them.  However, for now I am really enjoying the journey!

So, what are you doing now that perhaps you could take up a level?  Is there something about your work that you could take up a level?  Is there something in your relationships that you could take up a level?  Only you can answer these question, but aren’t they at least questions worth thinking about?

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