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Creating products to help you create a positive environment around yourself  through the things you use in your everyday life.

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 “ Debi Payne is amazing!  She uses her brilliant artistry to create positive and inspirational art that captures the essence of my Positive Tribe Magazine.  The readers find her art very colorful, uplifting and inspirational.  I have received many comments to that effect.  It is such a joy partnering and working with Debi each month to create the most effective artwork and positive sayings to highlight the inspiring and motivational articles in our magazine. "

Candi Parker - Publisher Positive Tribe Magazine

My Latest Blog Posts

Tropical Showbirds Mini Scrapbook Album

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Alpha Doodle Fabric Collection

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The Big Move

The past couple of months have been beyond crazy!  With the Coronovirus and the entire world being quarantined at home it has sometimes felt like 2020 has turned into the Twilight …

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Do you feel unimportant? Remind yourself that you are more important than you think. By Debi Payne Designs.

Are You Feeling Unimportant?

How many times do you find yourself feeling like you are unimportant?  Perhaps it is at work where you are feeling that the things you do don’t really matter.  Or maybe …

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My story​

It’s not the number of people that we meet, but rather the number of hearts we touch that really matters.  This is the approach that I take in all my designs.  When I first started to turn my negative world into a more positive one, I would write a positive thought or saying on a post-it-note and stick it to my computer monitor or on the wall around my computer.  I called these my “little reminders” to help me keep a positive frame of mind.

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