3 Cats, 2 Dogs and A Bird

3 Cats, 2 Dogs and A Bird
3 Cats, 2 Dogs and A Bird

Tim and I have been cohabitating with 3 cats, 2 dogs and a bird (none of which belong to us).  It has been strange for me living with so many animals.  During our stay I have been swatted at by the cats, barked at by the dogs and flat out attacked by the bird.  It seems as though we have lived in a constant fog of pet hair that is like a magnet to your clothes.  Wearing black is forbidden since all the cats and dogs are white.

 During this time I have spent many hours observing these animals and thinking to myself, ‘what can I learn from these animals?’

 One good thing that I have learned from the cats and dogs is that anytime they stand up from sitting or lying down, they stretch.  They stretch their legs, they stretch their backs, they stretch their entire body.  Perhaps this is something that we should all do more often.

 From the bird, I have learned that when you want attention, squawk a little louder.  If you make your squawking loud enough and obnoxious enough for long enough, you will surely get attention from somebody.  I have also learned from the bird that If you are happy go ahead a break out in a chorus of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” (which the bird really does sing).  This also works when you are being scolded and you want to divert attention away from your wrong doing.  Another thing that I have learned from the bird is to laugh when somebody else laughs, even though you don’t have a clue what they are laughing at.  (When the bird laughs, just like when she sings and talks, she sounds like a human.)

 Something else that I have observed from these animals is that what you have, they want and it doesn’t really matter what you have, they still want it.  If you are sitting in a chair, they want to sit in that chair.  If you are eating, they want your food.  However, if they have something and you try to take it away from them, they don’t like it and there is a good chance that you will be hurt.

 This is a trait that I think I will leave behind with the animals.  If I want something, it will be because that is what I want, not because somebody else has it.  To want something just because somebody else has it, isn’t a very good reason.  Thankfully I have a mind that can make decisions about what I want based on myself and not based on what somebody else has.

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