A Fishy Dream

"Fishy Fish" Collection by Debi Payne
“Fishy Fish” Collection by Debi Payne

When I first decided to start creating graphic illustrations, the first collection I created was my Fishy Fish Collection.  I started off with four basic fish shapes and the created six different fish from each fish shape.  The first three shapes I made were really easy and I flew through them with very little effort.  I had so much fun playing with the fish as I designed and created each new character giving each of them their own special unique color pallet, personality and name.

 Once I finally got to the fourth fish shape, it seemed to all change.  The fourth shape was the long, narrow shape.  I couldn’t figure out how to make the top and bottom fins.  All day long I fought and struggled to find the perfect fins.  Nothing I tried seemed to satisfy me.  It just wasn’t working.  At one point I thought that maybe there was supposed to be only three shapes.

 After a very long and frustrating day I was exhausted and decided to go to bed.  Much to my surprise, that night while I was sleeping I dreamed about the fish.  In my dream I saw the fish exactly the way it was supposed to be with its soft cloud like scalloping fins.

The next morning I woke up and realized what I had seen in my dream and I was so excited.  I now knew exactly what the fish was supposed to look like.  I jumped out of bed and went to my studio and immediately started drawing the final fish.  Unlike the day before, they now came very quickly and easily to me.

 Vincent Van Gogh had a saying, “I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream.”  I certainly can relate to Vincent Van Gogh in this aspect.  Many times I dream my paintings and then I paint my dreams.  When I do that, I create some of my best works and those are always the easy ones for me to create.

 Another very good quote that I read somewhere is:  “art is beautiful, but it’s much more than that… art is someone’s soul, love, thought and dream.”  Yes, indeed it is!

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