A Real Dreamer

"A Real Dreamer" by Debi Payne
“A Real Dreamer” by Debi Payne

Dreams are the stuff that reality is made from.  Everything important in our lives has started with a dream.  At an early age we all instinctively dream of something, however, when we are little we don’t call it dreaming.  We call it make-believe.  As we grow into adults, we lose our great natural ability to play make-believe and we just “talk” about our dreams.  If you just talk about a dream, it is really nothing more than just a wish.  Wishes and dreams are two very different things.

Over the years, I have put in tremendous effort toward making all my dreams come true.  I have learned that if you just say that you want something, that isn’t a dream.  That is a wish, and wishes are like dead leaves in a forest – they are everywhere, but they don’t do much.  On the other hand, a dream is something that you think about all the time.  If you can see it in your mind, and feel it in your heart, then it is a dream.

There were years when I dreamed of being an established artist.  I would create art in my studio and then whine and cry because nobody came along and bought my art.  Nobody came along and just magically “discovered” me.  That was probably the toughest lesson that I had to learn.  Nobody was going to just come along and magically discover me.  It was up to me to put myself out there so people could see my art and buy my art.  I did it!  It was up to me to contact those galleries and get my art in them, and I did it.  Nobody else was going to come along and do that for me.  It was up to me to do those things for myself.  I had to study and learn how the art business works, and I had to do all those things myself!  Every day I had to pull myself up by my bootstraps and I had to do it myself.  That is exactly what everybody has to do, no matter what their dream is.  And this is the thing that separates the dreamers from the wishers.

A dream is something that you have to have.  Not having what you dream of isn’t an option.  You will work day and night to have it, and you let nothing stand between you and your dream.  Wishes come from and are held in one’s mind.  Dreams come from and are held in one’s heart.  Dreams have drive and determination.  It is this drive and determination that keeps you moving toward making that dream a reality.

At a very early age I dreamt of one day being an artist.  That dream has been with me for my entire life, and that is still my dream today.  Although I am an artist and I work at it every day, my dream is to become the best artist that I can be, and that has become a life long journey.  So many people think that if they don’t have their dream within a set amount of time, (which is usually less than 30 days and sometimes 30 minutes) then they give up.  Turns out, their dream was just a wish.

What is your dream?  Do you feel it deep in your heart and soul?  What excuses are you using to keep you from your dream?  Just click here for inspiration on making your dreams come true.

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