Already Different

Already Different - Detail Close Up #1I am often asked if my work is “hand” or if it is “digital”.  The short answer is… both.

Detail Close Up #2

My work always starts out by my drawing a design on a piece of paper so I can work out the layout and how I want it to look.

From there I either finish the piece by painting it with watercolor and calling it “finished”.  Or I take the layout drawing and scan it.  Once the piece is scanned in I re-draw it digitally using a Wacom tablet and pin, which keeps the drawing a “hand drawing”.

After I have redrawn the design I digitally paint the design.  I have many times been accused of using filters and gradients to add color.  Actually, I never use filters and gradients.  When I paint with watercolor  on paper I use a brush to paint with.  When I add color digitally, I use a tablet and pin/stylus.  In both cases, weather I am using a brush or a pin/stylus, my hand technique is the same.

"Already Different" by Debi Payne Designs
“Already Different” by Debi Payne Designs

For years I looked for a way to make my art style different from everybody else and truly unique to me.  One day I realized that the more I tried to make my art different, the more it was looking like everybody else.  That was when I realized that I didn’t have to try to be different… because I already was!

Since making that discovery, I have enjoyed my art more than ever before!

Embrace all the way that you are different and instead of trying to change them… embrace and enjoy them!!!


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