Anything Is Possible

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Merriam-Webster defines the work Possibility as:   a chance that something might exist, happen, or be true.  The state or fact of being possible.  Something that might be done or might happen.  Abilities or qualities that could make someone or something better in the future.

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We have all had many possibilities or chances in our lives. This could be things that we want to do or things that we want to be. Yet, how many times did we let that possibility or chance just slip away from us only to have it never return again. How many times have we regretted missing an possibility or opportunity? Why did we miss that possibility?

"Anything is Possible" by Debi Payne Designs.
“Anything is Possible” by Debi Payne Designs.

Chances are the reason we let a possibility slip by us was simply because we were just too scared to reach out and grab it. Sometimes possibilities only come by once in our lives. When they do they may look a little scary, but that’s only an appearance. Next time a possibility comes along, and it looks a little scary, look your fear straight in the face and let it know that it isn’t going to keep you from this possibility this time. This time, reach out and grab the possibility! Don’t let fear keep you from all the good things that are meant for you!


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