Are You Paying Attention?


Image: Afternoon Delight - Mixed Media

We have all had those days when all the problems and obstacles seem to be so overwhelming and all we want to do is just hang our heads while we hope and pray that all the things we are dealing with will just go away.  Actually, it is at these very specific times that we should have our heads held high and making sure that we are paying close attention to everything that is going on around us.  Are you paying attention?

It seems like when things are at their worse that is where we learn of biggest life lessons.  It is through these challenges that we grow. 

Image: Afternoon Delight - Watercolor

In these times of being so overwhelmed, often we find ourselves turning to other people and asking them what we should do.  When will we learn that most of the time they don’t know any more what we should do than we ourselves know.  We are given difficult situations for a reason.  Unfortunately, this is where we have to depend on ourselves.   

Somewhere is all the mass confusion and craziness that is going on around you there is the tiny, soft voice trying to speak to you.  This voice is your soul trying to tell you what to do.  It is your job to quite you mind enough so you can hear this voice as it speaks to you.

Image: Afternoon Delight - Life Question

Was there something that your soul was trying to tell you years ago that you didn’t listen to at the time but that you now wish you had?


Image: Afternoon Delight - Zazzle Watercolor CollectionImage: Afternoon Delight Collection - Zazzle - Inspiration Station





Image: Afternoon Delight collection of FFAImage - Afternoon Delight Mixed Media on FAA


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10 thoughts on “Are You Paying Attention?”

  1. Think positive and the universe will open up to you have a great and wonderfull day
    Debi let me thank you again for inspire so many of us to color our world again

  2. Your use of such vibrant colors in everything you design puts a smile on my face. In this day and time your words of affirmation are needed and appreciated!

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