"Balance" by Debi Payne
“Balance” by Debi Payne

Several months ago I found a blog that I love so much!!!  The blog is Dirty Footprints Studio and it is written by Connie Hozvicka.  Connie has been such an inspiration to me.  Through her teachings of FEARLESS Painting I have found enormous motivation as well as through all of her work. 

In a section of her website she has a program called “Total Alignment”, which is a free online workshop that is designed to align your body-mind-heart with your creative source.  In this course she encourages you to paint what is within you.  One of the words she gives you to paint is “Balance”.

When I first read the challenge I wasn’t sure how I would paint balance, however the word intrigued me enough to keep thinking about it.  After several days of contemplating the word it came to me.

In my picture “Balance”, the rabbit symbolizes a woman and the elephant symbolizes everything that she tends to everyday of her life; kids, family, husband, home, career and all the other things that she does.  Some days taking care of all these things can seem overwhelming, yet, somehow many women seem to manage to do it all.  Being able to do it all takes a great deal of balance.

To first look at my representation of balance, the first thought that the viewer might be that it is impossible for a rabbit to balance an elephant on a teeter-totter, yet if you are a woman, you know that it is very possible, because we do it every day.

Sometimes the teeter-tooter will start to wobble and the tiny little rabbit has to struggle to maintain the balance.  At the same time the elephant starts to wiggle around and it looks like it is about to fall off the teeter-totter with a loud ungraceful crash and burn fall to the ground.  Yet somehow, someway, the tiny little rabbit pulls it all together and is able to steady the big heavy elephant and once again the teeter-totter is back in balance and the elephant once again sits happy and steady.

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