The Big Move

Whimsical bird houses from the Birdie Village Collection by Debi Payne Designs.

The past couple of months have been beyond crazy!  With the Coronovirus and the entire world being quarantined at home it has sometimes felt like 2020 has turned into the Twilight Zone.  So, what do Tim and I do during that time?  We buy a house and we make the Big Move!

To give you a little background, Tim and I were renting a house in Bryan while at the same time we were renting an apartment in Lindale where Tim was working on a new construction apartment complex.  We knew that we wanted to buy a house and since the lease on our house was up in May we started looking for a house in January.  After several months of looking we were just about to give up when we finally found a house that we liked and could live with.  Then on March 16th – one week before the stay at home order was issued, we closed on the house.

The next week Tim finished the project in Lindale and we moved everything from Lindale to Bryan and started packing and moving everything from the Bryan rent house to the Bryan new house.

Unforeseen Circumstances

The end of March brought us an entirely new world that we had never seen before.  Businesses were closed, schools were closed and everyone was ordered to stay away from each other.  Where we had previously planned on hiring a moving company to help with the move, we were now left on our own to pack and move everything by ourselves and we had one month to do it in.

And that is exactly what we did!  In the mornings we would load up the pick-up and we took a couple of loads of boxes to the new house.  Then in the afternoon and evenings we would pack as much as we could to be moved the next morning.  This was our daily routine for about three weeks.  We were exhausted!  On top of that in the last week Tim hurt his foot and I had a pinched sciatic nerve.  We looked like a couple of old ducks waddling around but we kept going.

On the last moving day, we were down to the big pieces of furniture that were too big to go into the pickup so we had to rent a U-Haul truck, (which was a trick all in itself).  Thankfully my son and his girlfriend were able to sneak over and help us load the truck which we made all in one trip.  And with that, we were moved.

Stacks of boxes from moving into the new Debi Payne Designs Studio.

Our first objective was to just get everything moved.  Now our second objective was to get everything unpacked.  Remember, we had everything from the apartment in Lindale and everything from the rent house in Bryan.  On top of that, we also had boxes upon boxes of things that had been in storage for I don’t know how many years while we had been moving all across the United States. 

Before we packed or moved our first box Tim and I agreed that if there was something (1) that we didn’t need or (2) use, or (3) we didn’t have room for it inside the house – it had to go!  We would either through it away, give it away or donate it, but somehow, we would get rid of it.  We had wanted to have a garage sale, but with the stay at home order that wasn’t even a possibility.

Handlettered word "Simplify" with the saying by Hans Hoffman- by Debi Payne Designs

One thing that I kept thinking about was my word of the year – Simplify.  When I chose that word for 2020, little did I know that this is what it would lead to and never before had I chosen a more appropriate word without having a clue of what lie in front of me.  If you would like to read my blog post about my word of the year, click here.

My New Studio

The mess of unpacking in the new Debi Payne Designs Studio.

One of the top things that we looked for in buying a house was that I would be able to have a studio big enough where I could spread out and move around a little.  In the past I have been stuffed into a tiny bedroom which resulted in more and more of my supplies being stored in boxes in the garage that eventually made it impossible to get to.

Of course, in the process of unpacking it did get pretty messy!  From the beginning I had a vision of what I what I wanted my new studio to look like.  I wanted it to be functional (of course) but I also wanted it to be pretty.  I was fortunate to have all of these wonderful built-in shelves and cabinets.

After a little more than a week of unpacking boxes and figuring out what I wanted to keep and what I needed to get rid of, my studio slowly took shape and I was able to get to the vision that I had in my mind.

The newly finished Debi Payne Designs Studio.

Finally… I made it.  Most of the boxes are unpacked and gone away.  I am still working trying to figure out my desk configuration.  I am currently using folding tables that I can move around until I find a solution to what is most comfortable and works best for me before I convert to a permit desk.

There are also still lots of supplies that don’t have a home yet and are still in boxes.  New storage cabinets will be arriving in a couple of days and hopefully that will all be finished really soon.

After weeks of hard work while under a world wide quarantine, our new home is really starting to feel like a real home and I am loving my new studio!  I am looking forward to all the new art that is going to be coming from out of space.

Stay safe.

Stay health.

And above all…

Stay awesome!


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