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Tropical Showbirds Mini Scrapbook Album

I’m pretty sure that by now, if you have been following Debi Payne Designs for any time, you have probably run across my Tropical Showbirds.  (Yes, those are my cute little whimsical tropical birds.)  Well I am excited to announce that I have turned the birds into a digital, downloadable scrapbook paper collection. Before I talk about the paper collection, I would like to give you a little background on […]

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Alpha Doodle Fabric Collection

We have seen Alpha Doodle Coloring Books and pages and now I am delighted to introduce you to the Alpha Doodle Fabric Collection.  QT Fabrics has produced a fabulous collection of fabrics from my Alpha Doodle Collection. Doodle Flowers Within the collection are doodle flower fabrics.  The doodle flowers come in three different backgrounds, black, teal and white. Floral Paisley Floral Paisley is a fun pattern that combines the doodle […]

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The Big Move

The past couple of months have been beyond crazy!  With the Coronovirus and the entire world being quarantined at home it has sometimes felt like 2020 has turned into the Twilight Zone.  So, what do Tim and I do during that time?  We buy a house and we make the Big Move! To give you a little background, Tim and I were renting a house in Bryan while at the […]

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Do you feel unimportant? Remind yourself that you are more important than you think. By Debi Payne Designs.

Are You Feeling Unimportant?

How many times do you find yourself feeling like you are unimportant?  Perhaps it is at work where you are feeling that the things you do don’t really matter.  Or maybe when you are around your friends you feel more like a tag-a-long.  For some, they may feel unimportant when they are at home.  I know that many people say that they don’t vote in elections because their vote really […]

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Little Reminders Mini Scrapbook Album

The past several months I have been designing and creating Mini Scrapbook Albums.  This month I have a sweet little niece, Ava, that is turning 9 years old.  I made her a special mini album, not so much for photos, but more for a book of positive sayings that she can read when she needs a little boost of positivity, (as we all need from time to time.) In this […]

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What’s Your Word for the Year?

The other night Tim asked me if I had made any New Year’s Resolutions?  I told him “no”, that I usually don’t make resolutions, however I do choose a Word for the Year that I focus on all year long.  As I explained what my Word of the Year is, he became very interested. In looking back over all my previous Words for the Year I can see a very […]

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Machine embrodiery quilted wall hanging

Inspirational Machine Embroidery

If you are into Machine Embroidery, you are going to love this blog post!  The other day I received a wonderful surprise in my inbox.  The fabulous Marsha Creter had sent me an email of an amazing quilt that she had made. Marsha had made this quilt for her daughter to hang in her office.  Marsha’s daughter is a school counselor and it would give the students some motivation and […]

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2020 Calendars

A couple of weeks ago I was asked if I was going to have any new calendars for 2020.  I am happy to say – YES – I now two new calendars out and ready for 2020. The first calendar that I have is “A Year Filled with Gratitude” In this calendar each month is one of my doodle flowers over a colorful mixed media background surround by a black […]

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Be Kind to One Another

Why is it so difficult for people to just be kind to one another?  As I sat down to write this blog post I immediately found myself becoming irritated and upset.  It seemed like all I could think about was all the fussing, complaining and arguing that I am seeing among so many these days.  I knew that was the last thing that I wanted to write about, but that […]

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Coffee with Ronnie Interview

Creating An Art Legacy

As an artist I have often wonder what my art legacy would look like.  Would my art continue to live on long after I die, or would it die right along with me?  Not really knowing the answer, since I am unable to predict the future, I decided to take matter into my own hands and see if I could create the legacy that I wanted to leave behind. For […]

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