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Just Be

When things all around us are going crazy, it nice to sometimes sit still and “Just Be”! Just Be is a design featuring a quarter of a single flower drawn in doodle style accented with the hand-written text “Just Be”. If you like this design, you can shop for “Just Be” products by clicking here.

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My Word Of The Year

It is amazing me how much Joanne Sharpe’s class is going right along with things that I started at the end of last year! The assignment for today is to draw our “Word of the Year”.  This is to be a single word that represents what we want 2014 to be about for us individually. It was really easy for me to come up with my word.  Remember my mantra […]

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My Life Is My Masterpiece

In this lesson of Joanne Sharpe’s class from “Draw Your Awesome Year” our assignment was to draw our life.  First we were to draw a picture frame.  Then within the frame we were to draw all the things that were important to us that made up our lives. The first thing that I drew was the Welcome to Las Vegas sign because I live in Las Vegas and I love […]

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My Mantra for 2014

One of the things we had to in Joanne Sharpe’s class is to come up with a mantra for ourselves to use all year. This past November I made the decision that in 2014 I was to take my art to the next level.  (You can read the blog post here.)  So, when I came to the assignment where we were to write our mantra for the year it was […]

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New Class for the New Year

One of my favorite things to do is to take on-line art classes.  I have taken drawing classes, painting classes and just about anything I can find.  Of all the classes I have taken my favorite classes have been with Joanne Sharpe.  I have taken her doodle and lettering classes as well as her drawing class.  This month she started a new class that is going to last all year […]

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Happy January Birthdays!

It seems as though we just get through the holidays and it is amazing how many people in my family have birthdays!!!  Just when I think I am finished shopping and buying presents in December it starts all over again in January. So, for all the people that have birthday’s in January… HAPPY BIRTHDAY! When I designed “Stacked Cupcake” it started out as a single whimsical style cupcake.  When it […]

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Perception Is Everything

I love the saying, “Perception is Everything”.  Tim and I can often be in the same room where the temperature is the same for both of us.  However, Tim will say it is hot and I will say it is cold.  Neither one of us is right, just as neither one of use are wrong.  The temperature is neither hot nor cold, it is our individual perceptions that have made […]

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Happy New Year!

Woo Hoo!!!!  We made it!!!!  There is nobody in this entire world that is more excited to see 2014!!!  Actually, 2014 was so excited to see me it just couldn’t wait and a couple of weeks ago it started showing me  some of the “goodies” that it has in store for me.  I think that 2014 has so much in store for me it just couldn’t fit it all into […]

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Cheers and Goodbyes to 2013!

“Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting, ‘WOW . . . What a ride!” As 2013 comes to a close, and what a ride is truly was, now it is time to reflect on the year.  It is a time to reflect on the blessings of the year that have brought us […]

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Moving Fast

2013 is quickly coming to a close.  It has been a year of highs and lows for us all.  We have seen things we hope we never see again.  We have also seen things for the first time and we hope to see more of. We are all in a place that we will never be in again.  Once 2013 is gone, it will be gone forever.  It will be […]

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