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December 25th

We have looked forward to it all month long! We have worked hard, decorating, shopping, wrapping and baking. And now all that is left is to just ENJOY the day!!!  Merry Christmas!

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Christmas Is Coming!

Christmas is almost here!!!!  Everybody has been busy with their last minute shopping and wrapping presents. With the mad rush to get everything ready, in just a couple of days, Christmas will be here. As you gather your presents and head off to be with family and friends, travel safe and do whatever it takes to keep the spirit of the season in your heart!

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Ribbon Believe

I am always surprised at the popularity of the single word “Believe”.  It seems like no matter how I design this word, it is popular. I’m no different, I love this word as well.  I enjoy creating art with this word, because it reminds me to keep believing in my own dreams. What reminders do you have around you to remind you to continue to believe in your own dreams? […]

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It’s Not A Gingerbread Man

The other day I sat down with every intention of drawing a gingerbread man. I made several attempts at drawing a gingerbread man.  Each time something was off.  Either the head didn’t look right or the body was off.  After filling the page with failed attempts of drawing a gingerbread man, I decided to turn to a fresh page and try one more time. This time I decided to just […]

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Life Garden

If you have every met somebody that truly loves gardening, you will see the passion and love they have for their garden. They spend all their time tending to their garden.  They till the ground and carefully plant the seeds.  Every day the water and/ or weed their garden.  They nurture their garden love, patience and daily care. Every person should tend to their life as the gardener tends to […]

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Christmas Twist Tree

Every year for Christmas, I design a Christmas card that I send out to family and friends.  I send them a card with a design that has never been seen before.  Each year this is a “top secret” project!  I carefully guard the design so that nobody sees it until I send out the cards.  It my special gift for them to receive a new design before anybody else.  It […]

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Take A Step

How many times have you said that you want to do one thing or another?  It starts out with ‘I would like to do this or that’.  Then it turns into, ‘someday I am going to do this or that’. Just talking about it will never get you anywhere. Just talking about it will never get you there!  You have to take that first step.  After that all you have […]

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Deck The Halls

It is that time of the year when everybody is putting up their Christmas tree, decorating and getting ready for Christmas. With all the beautiful ornaments and sparkling light, it is the best time of year. Although it is a busy time of year, and so many things to do, don’t forget to enjoy the season!  Sometimes the things that you think are important really aren’t.  The things that people […]

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Trio Snowmen

  When I think of Christmas, one of the things that I usually associate it with is snow.  It’s funny that I associate Christmas with snow since I live in Las Vegas, and we just don’t get very much snow here is the desert.  Yet, I still associate Christmas with snow.  I do recall seeing a few white Christmas’ in my lifetime.  Putting all the hassles aside that come with […]

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Christmas Twist Stocking

Who says that Christmas can only be in colors of traditional red, green and gold?  I hope this isn’t a law and the Christmas color police are going to be coming after me!  I love Christmas in bold, bright tropical colors. The more colors and design patterns I can see, the better I like it. Christmas Twist Stocking is another design from my Christmas Twist Collection.  Each stocking is filled […]

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