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Doodle Flower Blocks

I am a doodler at heart!  I can get carried away for hours when I am creating doodle art.  I get carried away in the rich bold colors that come from my markers and watercolors. Of course my favorite doodle art to create usually has some sort of whimsical flower involved somewhere, somehow.  The part that I like the best is the sketchy style lines. When I am looking for […]

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Take It Up A Level

For years I was stuck in a rut doing the same things over and over and receiving the same results over and over again.  I finally got to the point where I said, “enough is enough”.  I still do things and I don’t get the results that I want, however I have changed enough to where I don’t do it over and over again.  Now, if what I am doing […]

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Always Look on the Bright Side

Perception is everything!  Everything is nothing until you make it something.  The way you choose to look at something is totally up to you.  You can see it as something good or positive, or you can choose to see it as something bad or negative. It often amazes me how two people can be looking at the exact same thing, yet they see it totally different.  The best part is […]

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Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is this week and for most people their thoughts or on the delicious foods that they are going to be eating or the family members and friends that they are going to be spending the day with.  For some their thoughts are more on line of ‘how in the world am I going to get all of this food cooked in time’ or ‘what time does the big game […]

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Step Out of the Forest

When I am working on a piece of art, I am usually sitting really close to it, and I get drawn into the drawing as I am working on tedious and tiny details that are only inches away from my eyes.  I love the feeling of being so drawn into a piece of art that I only see the tiny line that I am working on at the time.  However, when […]

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A Real Dreamer

Dreams are the stuff that reality is made from.  Everything important in our lives has started with a dream.  At an early age we all instinctively dream of something, however, when we are little we don’t call it dreaming.  We call it make-believe.  As we grow into adults, we lose our great natural ability to play make-believe and we just “talk” about our dreams.  If you just talk about a […]

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Several months ago I found a blog that I love so much!!!  The blog is Dirty Footprints Studio and it is written by Connie Hozvicka.  Connie has been such an inspiration to me.  Through her teachings of FEARLESS Painting I have found enormous motivation as well as through all of her work.  In a section of her website she has a program called “Total Alignment”, which is a free online workshop […]

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Princess Birdie

Sometimes I like to just have fun for no reason or purpose.  Recently I have been having fun creating whimsical birds.  When I started working on this bird I had no intention of what she would look like in the end.  As I worked on her she developed such a regal essence that I had to choice but to call her a Princess. When trying to determine the type of background […]

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New Shoes

When I was a very young child, from the time I first started walking until I was in the 7th grade I remember having to wear orthopedic shoes with metal plates in the shoes.  I’m not really sure why I had to wear these shoes and the braces but I do remember how much I hated them. The metal braces made calices on the sides of my feet that remained […]

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A Fishy Dream

When I first decided to start creating graphic illustrations, the first collection I created was my Fishy Fish Collection.  I started off with four basic fish shapes and the created six different fish from each fish shape.  The first three shapes I made were really easy and I flew through them with very little effort.  I had so much fun playing with the fish as I designed and created each […]

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