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A Man and His Remote

Watching TV with Tim is a real challenge for me!  Tim thinks that when he watches TV it is mandatory for him to hold the remote control.  I don’t know, but maybe he thinks that if he isn’t holding the remote the TV will turn off.  Who knows!  Now his holding the remote is not a big deal, but it is the constant channel surfing that he does that drives […]

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When Tuscan Meets Debi

Do you remember the old Reese Cup Candy Commercials? “You got your chocolate in my peanut butter.” “You got your peanut butter in my chocolate”.  That is what my Coffee Cup Collection reminds me of.  I love Tuscan/Mediterranean architecture and décor. I love the stucco, plaster and iron work as well as the open spaces and rounded features.  I just really like everything about it.  Having been an architectural drafter […]

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In My World

When my youngest son was little, he had a very vided imagination and I really enjoyed playing with him and his imagination.  A game that we played often was “In My World”.  When he would get upset or frustrated at something (as most kids do), this was a game that we would play to calm him down.  And sometimes we would play it just because we wanted to laugh and […]

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The Power of The Doodle

We have all been stuck in a traffic jam at one time or another.  And we have all experienced the boredom and the frustration of going nowhere while being stuck in that traffic jam.  Being an artist, it seems as though I frequently run into creative traffic jams in my mind where I am stuck and I seem to be going nowhere.  As boring and frustrating as creative traffic jams […]

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Hotter Than A Firecracker

The dog days of summer are upon us and (like most places) it is hot outside!  Here in the desert our days are all in the hundred and teens.  Conversations all consist of the word hot.  Somewhere around midnight the temperature might drop to a two-digit number.  Summer is great and I love it!  Of course I spend most of my day inside under the AC, so I am not […]

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Welcome Home

When Tim and I lived in Las Vegas before, there was this little pizza restaurant that we loved, it is called Sunset Pizzeria.  It was a little restaurant in the middle of a strip mall with only about four or five tables inside and they were packed pretty close together.  About every week or two we would order a pizza, go pick it up, and then take it home to […]

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Going Home

After living for five years in Las Vegas, in June of 2011, unable to deal with the downturn in the economy and not being able to find jobs, Tim and I packed up all our belongs and left Las Vegas to go to Texas to look for jobs while staying with family.  After a solid year of living with family in Texas, having everything we own in storage in Texas […]

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3 Cats, 2 Dogs and A Bird

Tim and I have been cohabitating with 3 cats, 2 dogs and a bird (none of which belong to us).  It has been strange for me living with so many animals.  During our stay I have been swatted at by the cats, barked at by the dogs and flat out attacked by the bird.  It seems as though we have lived in a constant fog of pet hair that is […]

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The Journey

The past three years have been an incredible journey for my husband Tim and me.  We have gone from living the life of our dreams to being homeless and having nothing.  Many times Tim and I have asked ourselves “what happened”?  “Where did we go wrong?”  We couldn’t figure it out.  Last night with some alone time by myself I sat quietly to try to figure it out.  I thought […]

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