Bloom Where You Are Planted

Image:  Close Up from Bloom

I have spent the past full year dedicating my blog post to a different chapter from my book, “Don’t Give Up!” I hope you have been keeping up with the weekly post.

It has been wonderful having a year of blog post “in the can” and not really having to work at it. But now that the year is finished, I am back to trying to figure out what to post.

During this past year I have also started creating a new style of art – Mixed Media Collage.

Image:  Close Up from full image "Bloom"

I have been have so much fun learning how to create collage background that I can use my art with. I love the look of the multiple layers of papers and then even more layers of paint.

Image:  "Bloom"

Of course I am always going to take every opportunity possible to add a positive saying or phrase. I have been enjoying making mixed media collage paintings and I will be sharing more of them with you in the future.





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