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Alpha Doodle Fabric Collection

We have seen Alpha Doodle Coloring Books and pages and now I am delighted to introduce you to the Alpha Doodle Fabric Collection.  QT Fabrics has produced a fabulous collection of fabrics from my Alpha Doodle Collection. Doodle Flowers Within the collection are doodle flower fabrics.  The doodle flowers come in three different backgrounds, black, teal and white. Floral Paisley Floral Paisley is a fun pattern that combines the doodle […]

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Machine embrodiery quilted wall hanging

Inspirational Machine Embroidery

If you are into Machine Embroidery, you are going to love this blog post!  The other day I received a wonderful surprise in my inbox.  The fabulous Marsha Creter had sent me an email of an amazing quilt that she had made. Marsha had made this quilt for her daughter to hang in her office.  Marsha’s daughter is a school counselor and it would give the students some motivation and […]

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Jubilee Fabric Collection

After creating Carnivale, I am constantly being asked when my next fabric collection is going to be coming out.  Well here it is! I am super excited!  I have another fabric collection coming out and it is wonderfully named “Jubilee”.  QT Fabrics will be shipping the fabric to stores the middle of July. I am always amazed to see a finished collection of fabric.  What starts out as just a […]

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Imaqe: Find Your Joy

Find Your Joy

Spring has arrived and all the flowers and trees are in bloom.  Our landscapes are turning from drab brown to luscious greens accented with pops of colors from all the beautiful flowers in bloom.   This has been a super exciting time for me.  On the heels of my Carnivale fabric collection being release and then having a second printing, Lowes Home Improvement has just release a garden flag with […]

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Image: Main Carnivale Design

Carnivale Fabric Collection

There is nothing more exciting to me than to see my artwork reproduced on physical products and this one has been particularly exciting for me.  In the fall of last year QT Fabrics created this fabulous fabric collection from my artwork.  It is called “Carnivale”.  This Carnivale Fabric Collection has truly exceeded all of my expectations!  The fabric was produced in October and shipped to stores in November.  By January […]

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Image: Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream – Artist Spotlight

You may (or may not) have noticed that last month I took a bit of a “blog break”. It wasn’t really intentional on my part, it was just that I was involved in so many different projects all at once that my blogging time just seemed to have vanished in thin air. One of the things that has happened during this time is the honor that was bestowed on me […]

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