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Carnivale Fabric Samples

Since QT Fabrics released my Carnivale Fabric collection I have been totally amazed by the products that people are making from the fabric.  I have seen quilts, table runners, a window valence and tons of great bags.  I just received a photo of a chair covered in the Carnivale fabric that is absolutely stunning!  If you missed them, I have been posting the photos on my Facebook page if you […]

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Image: Hand Lettered Question

Do You Sale Your Art?

Last week I talked about what has happened since I was asked the Earth shattering question, “Do you sale your art?” For those that ask that question, hopefully this blog post will give you the answer. The short answer is, “yes I do”! The longer answer of where and how is a little more complicated and I hope you will indulge me while I try to answer it the best […]

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Image: Is The Reward Worth The Risk

Always Reinventing Debi Payne Designs

A while back someone asked me a simple question, “Do you ever sell your art?” I was astounded by the question. In that very moment I realized that I had failed at my efforts through this deep, dark, black hole that is often referred to as “Internet Marketing”. To me the term “Internet Marketing” is equivalent to a combination of every profane word known to man said at one time […]

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