Choose People Who Choose You

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Generally, we all have people in our lives that we may not choose. For example, there is that precious co-worker that drives crazy on a daily basis. Or perhaps it is that family member that you can’t help but wonder how the two of you ended up in the same family. Those are not the people that I am talking about. The people that I am talking about are the ones where you have a choice as to weather or not you interact with them and allow them to be a part of your life. Those are the people that you “choose” to have in your life. Hopefully you choose people choose you. Of the people that you have chosen, how many of those people have actually choose you?

That is where it gets a little tricky and it may require a little thinking. Of the people that you choose, are they there when you need them as much as you are there for them when they need you? Do they support you in a positive and loving way as much as you support them?

Who do you choose?

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All relationships are give and take.  The thing that seems to help relationships work is when this give and take is equal for both parties in the relationship.  I have had relationships where I choose the person yet they didn’t really choose me.  It didn’t take long to realize that relationship was more for their benefit and not equal at all.  That didn’t work for me, so I slowly and peacefully moved away in a manner that they hardly noticed.  By doing so, it opened up more time and space for other people that did choose me.

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Choosing the right people to be in our lives is very important.  We can either choose people that will support us and help us grow or we can choose people that hold us back and suck the life out of us so that they can use us for their purposes.  I hope that you will take inventory of all the people in your life and choose the people that love and support you in all that you do and that you can love and support them equally in return.






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