Confidence Is Silent

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We have all know that one person, be it male or female, that is constantly talking about all their accomplishments. They tell us all about the famous person they have met or done business with. If you are paying really close attention you will notice that while they are telling their stories the speak just a little louder than normal so that everyone can clearly hear what they have to say. Although they have nothing to show for their accomplishments, they are the first to tell you what you should do.

Or, when you are talking about something that you have done or accomplished they have to tell you something similar that they done or accomplished. Unfortunately, I know several people like this and it really makes me sad. I used to think that people did this because they were just trying to relate to what I was saying by injecting their own experience. I have since figured out that it is just their insecurities and their need to feel accepted or validated in some way.

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On the other hand, I have met people that are very successful with scores of accomplishments, yet you will never hear them talk about them. They don’t go on and on about who they know or what they have done. They simply go about their business without any fanfare or boasting.

What is the difference between these two people? It is simply confidence. People that are confident in what they are doing don’t feel the need to boast or brag about it. Yet people that are insecure feel that they need to compensate for their lack of confidence by boasting and bragging in attempt to make themselves feel more important.

We are all equally as important as the next guy and there is no reason for anyone to feel that they are any more or less important. Once someone understands that and gets to the point that they really believe it then their confidence will begin to grow.

If you don’t feel confident in yourself, here is a confidence affirmation that I hope you will read every day until you feel confident and your need to compete with others diminishes.

Image:  "Amazing" doodle flower affirmationHave an amazing day filled with confidence!






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