Debi Payne Designs 2019 Calendars

Well here it is… 2019!  2018 was a great year and I’m a little sad to see it go away, however, I am super excited to see 2019 and all it has in store and waiting for me!

Every year, I love making calendars.  For me personally I have three calendars that I work from all year long.  First, I have my birthday calendar.  This is a small calendar that I hang on the wall by my computer monitor.  In this calendar I write all the birthdays of family and friends that I need to remember throughout the year.  This is that calendar that I can quickly glance at to just simply see what day it is.

The second calendar that I have is my work calendar.  This is the Mother of all calendars!  It sits in a 8-1/2 x 11 –  2-inch binder and stays open on a part of my desk at all times.  This calendar tells me everything that I have to do in my business all year long.  It gives me posting schedules, to-do list, special projects and new product creation schedules.  In case of a fire, this would be one of the three things that I would grab!

The third calendar that I have is my art journal calendar.  This is in a mixed media book where each month I can draw and paint just for myself.  Each day I write something that happened that day.  There are also pages where I can illustrate special occasions or milestones that happened that month.  This is where I go to play and at the end of the year, it is so much fun to go through this journal and see what all happened.

Calendars are special for me and I love making them.  Along with my personal calendars I have made new calendars for 2019 and here they are!

Gentle Reminders

This year I have three new calendars in my Zazzle store.  The first one is Gentle Reminders.

"Gentle Reminders" 2019 calendar featuring the artwork of Debi Payne Designs with hand lettered saying to keep you motivated all year long.

In the “Gentle Reminders” calendar is a doodle flower over watercolor wash background accented by a hand lettered saying reminder to help you stay positive.  To see all the pages in the “Gentle Reminders” calendar, click here.

Colorful Motivations

If you love the Carnivale Fabric line that was produced in 2018, you will love this next calendar called “Colorful Motivations”:

Created from designs used in the Carnivale Fabric Collection, by Debi Payne Designs, "Colorful Motivations" is a calendar where each month features a bold, colorful design accented by a positive, motivational saying.

Each month of the “Colorful Motivations” features one of the designs that was included in the Carnivale Fabric Collection.  Along with the design is a positive saying that will help you to stay positive and motivated all year long.  To see all the pages in the “Colorful Motivations” calendar, click here.

Be Your Best Self

And finally, for those that enjoy my mixed media art, I have created the “Be Your Best Self” calendar.

Cover image of "Be Your Best Self" calendar featuring the mixed media art by Debi Payne Designs accented by hand lettered positive sayings.

In the “Be Your Best Self” calendar, each month has a doodle flower over a colorful mixed media background and it is accented with an encouraging positive saying to help keep you motivated to be your best self.  To see all the pages in the “Be Your Best Self” calendar, click here.

I am really looking forward to 2019!  I would like to wish everyone a very happy, blessed and prosperous New Year!

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