Do You Let Procrastination Rule Over You?

Image: "Charmed" doodle flowers with watercolor background

I remember when I first wanted to really start my art career, it seemed liked I was struggling with procrastination almost every day.  Now that I have my art career going, it seems like I am struggling with procrastination almost every day.  You would think that this would get easier, but for me, it hasn’t.

Actually, that is a good thing!  I have learned that through my times of procrastination, those are also the times that I am learning and growing.

 I think that there are two reasons why people procrastinate, (1) they just don’t want to do it or (2) they are afraid to do it.  In my case, it is usually the later… fear.  For me, that fear usually comes from not before having done the thing that I am trying to do.  Each time I start with a black piece of paper I am about to create a new piece of art.  I usually have an image in my head of what I want to draw, however there is always the fear that it want turn out like the image in my head.  That is the point where my procrastination usually kicks in.

Image: Charmed detail closeup

How do you overcome procrastination?

I have heard many people talk about how they overcame procrastination.  In every case, although the journey for each was different, the bottom line was always that they just gutted up and did it.  We all have things that we don’t like to do, but we know we have to do them for one reason or another, and so we just gut up and do it.  The same is true for fear.  When fear is the reason for your procrastination, you just have to gut up and do it.  It is the only way I know of to overcome fear. 

As for me when I start a new piece of artwork and that ‘ol nasty procrastination, (aka: fear) creeps in, I have learned to recognize it for what it really is.  Then I can move forward.  The back and forth between my fear and my desire to see results can often be quit the battle.  In the end, I am always determined to never let fear win.  Once I learned to embrace the battle, it became much easier to win.

Every day is a fresh startImage: "Charmed" doodle flowers over mixed media background

What have you been procrastinating about?  Remember that every day you are given a fresh new start.  Just because you were procrastinating about doing something yesterday, doesn’t me that you can’t get it done today.  For whatever reason, NOW is a good time to get it done so that you can continue to move forward.



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