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"Fan Flower" by Debi Payne
“Fan Flower” by Debi Payne

Thanksgiving is this week and for most people their thoughts or on the delicious foods that they are going to be eating or the family members and friends that they are going to be spending the day with.  For some their thoughts are more on line of ‘how in the world am I going to get all of this food cooked in time’ or ‘what time does the big game come on?’

Thanksgiving is a day for giving thanks.  However, this year at Thanksgiving, why not set a new habit of giving thanks every day.  Gratitude has been proven to be one of the most powerful emotions that we have.  When you are in a negative situation, if you can turn your thoughts to gratitude and thankfulness it is capable of changing your mental attitude from negative to positive helping you to find a positive solution to you situation.

When my son was a child, for some reason he was really angry about something.  A friend of ours was trying to console him when suddenly, out of nowhere my son said, “I’m so angry I can’t even count my blessings.”  Wow!  Out of the mouths of babes we find raw truth and honesty. 

Next time you find yourself angry or stressed out, start listing all the things that you are grateful for and see how fast you calm down.  Or, as the song says, ‘before you go to sleep, instead of counting sheep, count your blessings’.

This Thanksgiving instead of sitting around talking about recipes, sports or getting ready for shopping, why not spend that time talking about what you are thankful for.  It could make for a very different Thanksgiving Day that you will remember for many years and you will be very grateful for.

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