Going Home

Cubism Houses by Debi Payne
Cubism Houses by Debi Payne

After living for five years in Las Vegas, in June of 2011, unable to deal with the downturn in the economy and not being able to find jobs, Tim and I packed up all our belongs and left Las Vegas to go to Texas to look for jobs while staying with family.  After a solid year of living with family in Texas, having everything we own in storage in Texas and not finding a job in Texas, yesterday Tim was finally offered a job… in Las Vegas!

 This is now the third time that Las Vegas has called us to come back.  We love Las Vegas and it is home to us.  Yet once again we find ourselves asking, “What is in Las Vegas for us that is so special?”  Twice we have gone to look for it and not found it.  Now we will return for a third time and hopefully we will find it.

 I believe that everything happens for a reason.  Sometimes you have to lose everything you have to see what you’ve actually got.  The first time we left Las Vegas we were only gone for a few months.  When we returned we didn’t find “it”.  This time we have been gone for a full year and during this time I have been away from all my art supplies and away from creating the art that I love.  Although I have been grateful that I have had my computer and have been able to create art digitally, there is just something about holding a brush in my hand that I have missed so much.

 Perhaps being away from my art supplies (of which I call my friends) for so long and missing it so much, (without realizing it at this time) maybe this extremely long year of hardship has given me the insights that I don’t realize that will be reflected in my new art.

 I am very anxious to start this new journey or rediscovery.  Although I don’t know what Las Vegas has waiting for us, I am so excited and I can’t wait to see what it is, because I know that there is something!

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