Hotter Than A Firecracker

"Fire Dance" by Debi Payne
“Fire Dance” by Debi Payne

The dog days of summer are upon us and (like most places) it is hot outside!  Here in the desert our days are all in the hundred and teens.  Conversations all consist of the word hot.  Somewhere around midnight the temperature might drop to a two-digit number.  Summer is great and I love it!  Of course I spend most of my day inside under the AC, so I am not bothered too much by the heat.

 On the other hand my husband Tim is a construction superintendent and he works outside all day long.  The other day the project owner was at the construction site for his weekly inspection.  At one point during the meeting, (around noon time), they were on the second floor of the building where it is hottest.  The owner looked at Tim and asked, “How do stand this heat?”  Tim replied, “You just suck it up.”  At that point the owner turned around and left.

 The hot temperatures are like alcohol, you have to “know when to say when”.  Yesterday at the construction site there was a worker that wasn’t looking too good and they could tell that the heat was getting to him.  They talked to him and tried to get him to go into the trailer under the air conditioning and drink some water and cool off.  He refused to go and continued working.  Shortly thereafter he was under the air conditioning in the back of an ambulance on his way to the hospital with heat exhaustion.

 After discussing ways that they could keep all the workers safe and not have to call EMS again, among other things, they decided that nobody was allowed to use the words “hot” or “heat”.  In an attempt to use the mind-over-matter concept if they want to say something about the heat it would have to be something like, “It doesn’t seem as cool as it was yesterday.”  I think that I will suggest that perhaps they could all learn to sing, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” which creates a really interesting visual in my mind.  A construction site full of construction workers working with their tools while singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”.  I wonder what that song would sound like in Spanish?

 Summers are such a great time.  We all have fond memories of our childhood and many of those wonderful memories probably have something to do with summertime.  It may be about going to camp or on vacation.  Or maybe they consist of just playing outside until past dark.  However, for those that have to be outside all day for work, always remember and don’t every forget, “know when to say when”!

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