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"Lunar Butterflies" by Debi Payne
“Lunar Butterflies” by Debi Payne

When my youngest son was little, he had a very vided imagination and I really enjoyed playing with him and his imagination.  A game that we played often was “In My World”.  When he would get upset or frustrated at something (as most kids do), this was a game that we would play to calm him down.  And sometimes we would play it just because we wanted to laugh and have fun.  For example; one day we were stuck in traffic and he was getting frustrated.  I said, “so… in your world what would we be doing right now?”  He immediately started talking about how we would be in a hovercraft and we would just fly over all the traffic and we wouldn’t be stuck in traffic anymore.  He talked about how everything around us would look from the hovercraft.  Some of it was really cool sounding, and some of it was just silly, but it made us laugh.   Before long he was calm and happy and we had worked our way through the traffic.

 Although he is an adult now, to this day, we still play this little game.  Even when he isn’t around, I still find myself playing the game by myself.

 When I was creating this Butterfly Collection I was deep into a solitary game of “In My World”.  As I began to draw the first butterfly I thought to myself, what if butterflies had wings of feathers instead of flat wings with color?  As I began to shape the wings into feathers I came up with some really odd but cool shapes.  To most people these butterflies would probably seem silly and unrealistic, but in my world they are beautiful!

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