It Truly Is A Wonderful World

Image:  Clear Doodle Flowers

When was the last time you stopped to think about what a wonderful world it is that we are so blessed to live in?  It seems like so much energy is spent these days by people telling us all the negative things about our world.  What if for just a minute we turned off all the outside noise and just spend some time ourselves looking at everything that is so amazingly positive and wonderful about our world.

We can look at Mother Nature and see all the amazing beauty and bounty that she bestows on us.  How she can take a tree and turn it into so many amazing colors as the seasons change.  We can feel how she can change the hot steamy days into a brisk chill.  We can smell beautiful flowers brought to us by the clean refreshing smell of the rain.  Mother Nature touches all our senses in the most delicate of ways.

If you spend your time listening to the news you are probably only hearing negative stories and how bad everything is and how we are all doomed.  That has been going on for centuries and we are all still here so it is hard me to believe the doom and gloom any more.  So now instead I look for the positive myself.  I watch as people help each other out in the simple everyday task and events that we all go through.  I delight in the sheer joy of watching the innocence of a child.

Don’t just be a spectator

Image:  "Clear" doodle flowers

I have learned that when I stop listening to other people interpret the world as they see and start looking at it myself, I find that it truly is a wonderful world.  Thank goodness we are all capable of drawing our own conclusions to what we are seeing.  We can choose to see the negative side or we can see the positive side.  The choice is always yours regardless of what anyone else is saying.

If you want to see the world in all of its majestic, you have to be present.  Go outside and experience nature.  Become involved with other people.  Don’t just listen to what others are saying, become a part of it all.

 Image:  Positive affirmation featuring "Clear" doodle flower

This amazing world that we live in is filled with abundance and opportunities.  It is our job to see it for ourselves.





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