It’s Never Too Late

Image: Genuine doodle flower with Mixed Media Background

If you are like most people, I’m sure at one time or another you have had thoughts like, ‘I wish I had done this’ or ‘why didn’t I do that?’.  My biggest one is something will happen and then a week later I will think, ‘dang, I should have said…’.  In cases like that, there usually isn’t much you can do and so you learn from it for the future, move on and let it go.

However, on the bigger things in life like, ‘gee, I wish I had gone to collage’ or ‘gee, I wish I had learned to play the piano when I was younger’.   Sometimes people act as if there is a time limit on when they can do things.  Like you have to go to collage by the time you are 25 or you can never go.  Or you have to learn to play the piano by time you are 12 or you can never learn to play the piano.  Well that is just silly!  I know a woman that got her college degree when she was 60 and I know a man who is taking piano lessons at the age of 70.  So I know there is no time limit for those things. 

Oh sure, we can all come up with excuses for not doing things now that we wish we had done years ago, but remember, those are just excuses.

There Is Magic In Every Day

Image: Genuine Doodle Flower with Watercolor Background

If there is something that you really want to do, (it doesn’t have to be going to collage or learning to play the piano), why don’t you do them.  I wanted to do what I am doing today 30 years ago.  But not being a licensing artist 30 years ago doesn’t mean that I can’t do it today!

Start looking at what you really want to do and start moving in the direction of doing it.  It is never too late to start and since every day holds new magic, you just might find the path to doing what you really want to do is actually much easier than you ever thought it would be.

Image: Genuine doodle flower affirmation

Be grateful every day for all the new and wonderful opportunities that are available to you.

8 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late”

  1. Barbara Privette

    I lost my husband a couple of years ago, not long after he retired. I’m especially inspired by your “It’s Never Too Late” poster along with “What Are You Waiting For” as there are so many things I want to do…before it really IS too late. Keep up the wonderful work you do….

  2. I returned to complete my Home Economics degree, when our youngest child was in preschool. While it wasn’t easy to balance the demands of school, work and family commitments, I achieved my goal and graduated Magna Cum Laude. And while I didn’t end up teaching, like I had “planned”, I have used my education in ministry and it served as a stepping stone for several jobs that required a college degree. Your art is certainly an inspiration!

    1. Awesome Cherlyn! Sometimes what we “plan” does get changed… but it usually for the better. That is why the “journey” is so important!

  3. I completed my Associate’s at 42; my bachelor’s at 44. I returned to school and earned my nursing degree at 51 after working in IT for 6 years. Two years after that, I combined my information tech degree/experience and my nursing degree in to the best of both worlds in the healthcare informatics field. I’ve been doing this now for ten years. I think I’m done with school & reinventing myself, but who knows? I truly believe you are never too old to follow a passion!!

    1. WOW… you go Linda!!! I am seeing more and more people just starting their dreams at 60, 70 and 80… and they are succeeding! Age really is nothing more than a number!

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