It’s Not A Gingerbread Man

Holly Closeup

The other day I sat down with every intention of drawing a gingerbread man.

Flame Closeup

I made several attempts at drawing a gingerbread man.  Each time something was off.  Either the head didn’t look right or the body was off.  After filling the page with failed attempts of drawing a gingerbread man, I decided to turn to a fresh page and try one more time.

Holly and Candles Full - Angle

This time I decided to just let my hand flow.  Before I knew it I had Christmas candles with holly leaves and berries.  Not anywhere close to a gingerbread man.

Holly & Candles

Sometimes you just have to tell your head to shut-up and let your heart direct your hand.  When you create art from the heart and not from your head, it is effortless and multiple attempts are never needed.

Materials used:  watercolor paper, Tombow markers, Micron pens .01 and .08, Dewent Inktense pencils

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