Jubilee Fabric Collection

Fabric blocks from the Jubilee Fabric Collection by Debi Payne Designs and produced by QT Fabrics.

After creating Carnivale, I am constantly being asked when my next fabric collection is going to be coming out.  Well here it is!

I am super excited!  I have another fabric collection coming out and it is wonderfully named “Jubilee”.  QT Fabrics will be shipping the fabric to stores the middle of July.

I am always amazed to see a finished collection of fabric.  What starts out as just a simple design or painting turns into to so many different fabrics that all beautifully work together.

Jubilee Fabric Collection line border by Debi Payne Designs, produced by QT Fabrics.

However, that is just the beginning of what is to come, because I know that once these fabrics get into the hands of quilters that is when the fabrics come to life.  Quilters amaze me every day!  The pattern combinations they come up with and the layouts they use always mesmerize me to no end.

Quilters are artist and like artist every quilting design is so totally different.  I can’t wait to see what comes out of the Jubilee Collection!

To help you get started, QT Fabrics has even given us an inspiration sheet:

Jubilee Fabric Collection inspiration page by QT Fabrics.

You can download the PDF from their website by clicking here.

As you finish your projects, (as always), I would so love to see what you created.  If you will send me photos of your finished project, I would love to put them all together in a showcase blog post.  Please remember if you are using a pattern from someone else, please let me know who the pattern is from so that I can give them credit.

I hope you enjoy working with the Jubilee Collection as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Happy Creating!


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