Little Reminders Mini Scrapbook Album

Front cover and box of Ava's Little Reminders mini scrapbook album by Debi Payne Designs.

The past several months I have been designing and creating Mini Scrapbook Albums.  This month I have a sweet little niece, Ava, that is turning 9 years old.  I made her a special mini album, not so much for photos, but more for a book of positive sayings that she can read when she needs a little boost of positivity, (as we all need from time to time.)

In this book I created all the papers and designs using my colorful, whimsical doodle flowers and hand-lettered sayings. Here is a video flip-through of the album:

This turned out to be a really fun inter-active album complete with a special keepsake box to keep it in.

Reminders for a Life Time

I am always coming up with and writing little reminders to myself to help me stay positive.  Over the years my collection of reminders has grown larger and larger.  I designed this book to help Ava grow her own collection of reminders for herself.

On the back of each of the ephemera cards I have added a mixed media lined paper so that she can write her own reminders.

Image of Debi Payne Designs Ephemera Cards from the Little Reminders Collection.

Page Inserts

Each page has a large insert which I designed for even more reminders to be added.

Insert page from the Little Reminders Mini Scrapbook Album by Debi Payne Designs.

On the front side of the insert there are color blocks in various sizes for both long and short reminders.  The back side is one large sheet of lined paper where she can write a long story of something special that she wants to remember.


Throughout the book I have added a lot of pockets (including the inside front and back covers of the album).

Inside cover image and first page from Little Remindeds Mini Scrapbook Album by Debi Payne Designs.
Inside Page 1 - full open from the Little Reminders Mini Scrapbook Album by Debi Payne Designs.
Full open page 2 of the Little Reminders Mini Scrapbook Album by Debi Payne Designs.
Fully open Page 3 from the Little Reminders Mini Scrapbook Album by Debi Payne Designs.

In these pockets Ava will be able to add any other memories or reminders that she wants to add.

My hope is that Ava will continue to add to this book throughout her entire life.  Although she is turning 9 right now, I think it would be wonderful for her to add to it throughout her life and see what it looks like when she is 90.  What a treasure it will be for her children and grandchildren.

Create Your Own Little Reminders Album

After I finished making Ava’s album, I collected all the papers that I used and I created Ephemera Cards so that others can make their own album.  I am making all these papers available as downloads in my Etsy Store.

I have broken it down into three downloads.  The first is the “Little Reminders Main Papers”.  These papers are all the main accent design papers found throughout the book.

Little Reminders Main Papers Etsy Image

The second is the “Little Reminders Mixed Media and Pattern Papers.”  This collection consists of all the mixed media papers along with the color coordinating patter papers.

Little Reminders Mixed Media and Patterns downloadable paper collection by Debi Payne Designs on Etsy.

The third download is the “Ephemera Cards” Collection.  In this collection there are 24 cards featuring a Debi Payne Designs Doodle Flower with a hand-lettered saying.

Ephemera Cards from the Little Reminders Collection downloadable from Etsy by Debi Payne Designs.

For those that want the entire Little Reminders set, I have made it simple and put all three into oneundle.  With the bundle you will receive a total of 24 – 8”x 8” downloadable papers and 24 – 4”x 6” Ephemera Cards.

Little Reminders Bundle Etsy image by Debi Payne Designs.

To see the papers and cards in my Etsy store, clickhere.

I hope you have enjoyed look at Ava’s Little Reminders and I hope it has inspired you to create a Little Reminder album for yourself!

4 thoughts on “Little Reminders Mini Scrapbook Album”

  1. robin williams

    I love this so much! I received it a few nights ago and cant wait to start on it. I have 5 granddaughters ages ranging from 7 to 14 that i hope to make one for each of them. I know they will love it!
    Thank you Debi for your awsome designs!

    1. Wow Robin, it sounds like you are going to have your hands full! I hope you enjoy making them as I know they will receiving them. When you are finished I would love see your books if you wouldn’t mind sending me photos. Thank you so much for your kind words!

  2. This is fabulous. I do a lot of mini albums but your creative artwork and insight takes this one over the top. I have a ten year old Granddaughter so this really resonated with me. I’m glad I found your page and your inspiration. Patti

    1. Thank you so much Patti! I think this is something that all little girls (and big ones too) will love and use. If you make one, I would love to see photos of your album.

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