Nurture What Is Good For You


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I suppose we all have things that we like to do, even knowing that it probably isn’t the best for us.  However, without giving it much thought, we continue doing them.  What if you stopped doing the things that aren’t good for you and started to nurture that which is good for you?

I know a lot of people that are really good at procrastination.  They have worked many years growing, developing and nurturing their skill for procrastination.  Yet, I can’t help but wonder how well their finely tuned skill of procrastination has served them.  I can’t help but wonder what they would be like if they started nurturing productivity more that procrastination how much they could accomplish.

What are you nurturing?


It is a good practice to take a good hard look at ourselves from time to time and really think about what we are nurturing in our own lives.  Are you consciously nurturing healthy eating habits or are you just settling for whatever is easy and handy?  When you look at your relationships are you nurturing toxic relationships that keep you tired and drained of energy, or do you have relationships that are supportive and make you feel good?  Most of all, what thoughts in your mind do you nurture?  Are your thoughts negative and filled with worry and doubt along with self-loathing that keep you suppressed and unhappy, or do you have positive thoughts filled with faith, gratitude and positive reinforcement that keep you energized and happy?

 Perhaps it is time to take inventory of all the things in your life and determine if it is good for you or not.  Then spend time nurturing the things that are good for you.  The more you nurture the things that are good for you, the less you will experience the things that aren’t.  A good habit is to spend a little time each day nurturing the things that are good for you.

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