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Affirming A Positive Life, Day by Day

It is through a positive mind and a happy heart that we are each capable of changing our lives and creating a better world for all of us to live in.

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It’s not the number of people that we meet, but rather the number of hearts we touch that really matters.  This is the approach that I take in all my designs.  When I first started to turn my negative thoughts and world into a more positive one, I would write a positive thought or saying on a post-it-note and stick it to my computer monitor or on the wall around my computer.  I called these my “little reminders” to help me stay in a positive frame of mind.

One day I suddenly realized that I was surrounded by a sea of post-it-notes and it was all becoming just a blur.  That is when I had the idea of combining my art with my “little reminders”.  It felt like a perfect marriage of both my art and words.

Yet, still I wasn’t seeing my “little reminders” as much as I wanted to.  So, I started creating physical products that I used every day.  I had a keychain that reminded me to “Believe” and I had a mousepad that reminded me “One day, One step at a time”.  Slowly, little by little, I started creating a collection of actual physical products which in turn created a positive environment around myself.

Over time as my collection of products grew larger and larger I began to feel a little selfish.  I had created a positive environment for myself and I knew it was time share it with the rest of the world.  That is when I started offering my products to others.  About the same time manufacturers started licensing my art for their products.

Whether it is just following me on a social network or through collecting my products, it is my desire that I can help others to build their own personal positive environment and then together we can all build a more positive world.

Image: Tiny Flower Border

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Feedback & Reviews​

Here is a little bit of what people are saying about Debi Payne Designs

” Debi's art is so eye-catching.  I love the bright and bold colors she creates in all her work.  Being an artist as well, I can appreciate the time she puts into all her designs.  She's one of my favorites!  “

Robin Anderson

” I first became aware of Debi Payne when I was looking for the Carnivale Fabric Line she came out with.  It was such a stunning (still is) line of fabric, so much fun and whimsical.  I decided to Google her site and see who she was.  I love the site... boy if you need a lift in spirits, its the site to go to.  Her messages, while whimsical, are so spot on, always uplifting and bringing a smile to my face.  You're an inspiration to others Debi, keep up the great work.  “

Bonnie Copeland

” A most delightful source for creativity!  The beautiful artwork, along with the inspirational quotes, always makes my heart happy!  Thanks for sharing your talents. “

Margie Barbee

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