Princess Birdie

"Princess Birdie" by Debi Payne
“Princess Birdie” by Debi Payne

Sometimes I like to just have fun for no reason or purpose.  Recently I have been having fun creating whimsical birds.  When I started working on this bird I had no intention of what she would look like in the end.  As I worked on her she developed such a regal essence that I had to choice but to call her a Princess.

When trying to determine the type of background I wanted to use I came up with the leaves and flowers.  With the intention of creating a whimsical background, when I was finished it appeared to have more of a folk art feel to it.  Perhaps we can say that it a whimsical folk art style.

I think it is fun to combine genres because I never know what I am going to come up with.  Actually, it is more of an aftermath thing with me because most of the time it is one of those things that happen by accident with me and I don’t realize that I have done it until after I am finished.  Happy accidents are a good thing!

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