Spend Time Feeding Your Soul

Image: Mixed Media - Alive

We all know how to feed out bodies, (a little too well for some of us). Yet, how much do time do you spend feeding your soul? We spend countless hours feeding and primping our bodies as if our body is what defines us as a person, it doesn’t! What defines us as a person is our soul!

Do you feed your soul more than your body? Do you feed your soul daily? When was the last time you feed your soul? Do you even know how to feed your soul?

There are so many ways to feed your soul. Read an inspirational or motivational book. Write in a gratitude journal. Surround yourself with positive people. Whatever inspires or motivates you, do more of that.

Image:  Watercolor - Alive

I spend my days feeding my soul through my art. I create art and then I add the motivational sayings to the art. My studio is filled with motivational art that I see all day, every day. What do you look at and read every day?

Over the years I have found that the more I surround myself with positive people and positive things the better my life has become. It was such a slow gradual change that I didn’t really even notice it until I looked back to the way my life used to be. The chaos and stress that was once so prevalent in my life was just simply no longer there.

Look for ways to start feeding your soul. Instead of grabbing for a bag of chips to feed your body, pick up an inspirational or motivational book and feed your soul. Instead of primping in the mirror, talk to someone that motivates or inspires you and have a conversation that will touch your soul. Create an environment around you that will constantly feed and nourish your soul.


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