Studio On The Go… Again!

"Clever" doodle flower over mixed media background with the hand letter motivational saying "Trust Your Journey" by Debi Payne Designs.

On The Go Again!

For those that don’t already know, my husband – Tim – and I live a very unique lifestyle.  Tim is a construction superintendent and he builds apartment complexes.  In order for him to do that we are required to travel a lot.  By “a lot” I mean “A LOT”!  At one point we actually moved 26 times over a period of 7 years… including furniture.   (It closely resembles military life.)  I have seen my fair share of hotel rooms and short term apartments.  At one point during that seven year span my oldest son said, “What are y’all really doing?  I know you say you’re doing construction, but it looks more like you’re running from the law!”  We all had a good laugh with that one.  And NO, we are NOT running from the law!

We have our home base where all our belongs live.  We also have our ‘away’ home which is where we live when Tim is working on a project.  The kids are grown, so when we are away they man the home base and take care of things there for us.   For our away home we have basic furniture and dishes and things we need to get by.  It is our minimalistic life style.

Debi Payne Designs studio is on the go again!  This is just how we roll.

This is typically how we travel.  We have three trunks and three folding tables.  The tables are for my work space.  Inside the trunks we have (1) for clothes, (2) for kitchen dishes and household supplies and (3) art supplies.  We can do without trunks 1 & 2 (we can get that stuff anywhere), but the #3 trunk is a must-have!

Right now we are in a hotel – my least favorite part of the journey.  Hopefully next week we be in an apartment and things will be a little more settled.  Granted, this isn’t a lifestyle that most people would choose and I will have to admit that sometimes it gets a little old for us too (especially when we are moving 26 times in 7 years).  But all in all we love the adventure.  We have traveled and worked from Nevada to Louisiana and many points in-between.   We have seen places and done things that we never would have seen or done otherwise.  And through it all, I have been able to continue to follow this crazy dream of mine and continue creating art that feeds my soul.

Generally in these types of situations the husband goes and does the job while the wife stays at home.  There is absolutely no way that would work for me and Tim.  Our rule is, we stay  together… no matter what!  Sometimes that is a little uncomfortable, but we do what it takes to make it the best situation possible.  It is a great life that I wouldn’t trade for anything.  I am with the man that I love, doing the work that I have always dreamed of while filling my days with adventure and exploring new things, people and places. Not a bad life at all!

What does your journey look like?  We are all on our own journey through this amazing thing that we call life.  Do you trust your journey and are you making the most of it?  The journey for each of us may look different, but that doesn’t mean that each journey can’t be amazing and fulfilling.  I hope your journey is as amazing for you as mine is for me!

Positive affirmation that reads "Fear is only a feeling, it can't hold me back."  Accented by the doodle flower "Clever" and surrounded by a whimsical black and white border by Debi Payne Designs.

2 thoughts on “Studio On The Go… Again!”

  1. Debi you are a Beautiful Being of Light shining with Courage and Soul! I enjoy your blogs and newsletters and sharing your adventures with us! I LOVE your art and I’m excited to hear what you are creating now! Happy trails!

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