The Power of The Doodle

"Traffic Jam" by Debi Payne
“Traffic Jam” by Debi Payne

We have all been stuck in a traffic jam at one time or another.  And we have all experienced the boredom and the frustration of going nowhere while being stuck in that traffic jam.  Being an artist, it seems as though I frequently run into creative traffic jams in my mind where I am stuck and I seem to be going nowhere.  As boring and frustrating as creative traffic jams seem to be, I know that if I just relax and try to think of something else the creative traffic jams soon goes as away and once again I am back in the flow of having fun and creating something new.

 Many times when I can’t think of something to draw, I just start to doodle.  It is amazing how many really neat drawings I have created which have come simply by sitting and doodling.  If I were to consider myself a master at anything, I guess I would have to consider myself a Doodle Master.

 I suppose most people would consider doodling a waste of time, however for me it is very therapeutic.  First off, it keeps my hands moving, (which they have to do all the time).  But more importantly, as I doodle, it seems to erase all the garbage that I have in my head at the moment.  Once I begin to erase the garbage in my mind it seems to clear a path for new ideas.

 There is nothing special about my doodles.  I doodle like anybody else would doodle.  I draw squiggly lines.  I draw straight lines.  I draw basic geometric shapes.  I draw anything that pops into my head.  The point is, to just keep the pencil moving.  I keep doodling until something on the paper seems to take shape or form.

 If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then a doodle a day keeps you mind at play!

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